Obsessive About Octopuses - book review

This week we have been diving into the big blue with this new non-fiction release from Flying Eye Books to begin an amazing aquatic adventure!

The kiddies have been recently exploring the oceans and learning all about sea creatures. DS8* is the biggest fan! When he discovered this new hardback book, Obsessive About Octopuses, it was as if the book had been written especially for him! He really is obsessive about octopuses and all things marine! With its flamboyant front cover it certainly had him hooked from the start and heightened his curiosity even further.

'If you are silly about squid or just daft for amazing animals of the deep, dive in for a fact-packed illustrated journey into the ocean. Did you know that an octopus has three hearts and a doughnut-shaped brain? You’ll discover that these incredible creatures are super-smart and have great survival skills. From the truly terrifying giant Pacific octopus to the inventive common octopus, find out where members of this eight-armed family live, what they eat and how we can protect them.' Flying Eye Books

DS8* has always enjoyed discovering new things about the ocean and its mysterious creatures. He is constantly regurgitating the most fascinating facts to his older siblings. Could there really be more to explore?! This engaging non-fiction book is packed with bite-sized chunks of interesting information all about octopuses. It covers topics such as the unique design of octopuses, how they move around, how they're masters of disguise and much more!

This book takes a detailed look at many different types of octopus from the truly terrifying giant Pacific octopus to the inventive common octopus, find out where they live, what they eat and how we can protect them. All this intriguing info is a great way to increase a child's store of knowledge and vocabulary. The text is surrounded by bright, lively illustrations which draw young readers into the book as they absorb all the detailed facts. DS8* was amazed at all the colourful octopuses spread across the pages. He particularly enjoyed the page on the scale of various octopuses and tried to guess their names.

DS8* says, 'I can't believe how many types of octopus there are! This book is amazing and has lots to read and colourful drawings to look at.'

This colourful book has a lovely feel with beautiful illustrations throughout and is printed on high FSC quality paper. We love the page that has great tips on how we can help reduce plastic usage and other ways to make a positive difference to our seas. 

If you're looking to stock up your non-fiction books in your Home Ed library then this is definitely one to add to your wish list. It's a great way to engage young children and introduce key topics such as conservation. The price reflects the quality of this beautiful hardback book which will be treasured by all budding oceanographers and marine biologists!

For further information about Obsessive About Octopuses from Flying Eye Books, then please check it out here on Amazon

* Darling Son

Disclaimer: This book was gifted to us and all opinions are my own. This post contains Amazon links.