Coding Critters - Scamper & Sneaker - Review

Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM). Meet the Coding Critters: your first coding friends! These playful kitten coding toys teach early STEM concepts through programming and play!

DD5 has been eagerly awaiting her new coding pets in the post this week! And here they are! Coding Critters - Storybook coding adventures with Scamper & Sneaker from Learning Resources. They are the perfect way to introduce DD5 to STEM concepts through basic coding and activities this Summer and it's 100% screen free! 

I had a go myself first to see how easy it was to use and was nicely surprised just how simple it was. Three AAA batteries were all I needed to get going. I just knew DD5 was going to love her new cute pets!

The set comes with lots of accessories, including a story book adventure which she enjoyed reading whilst coding Scamper to chase the ball of yarn and play hide and seek with Sneaker. It also features four different modes such as feeding and nap time. DD5 easily understood how to make Scamper move using the arrow keys. She used the little footprint cards to plan out her code before keying it in to Scamper. She laughed the whole time as Scamper raced around making funny noises and meowing. As she gained confidence, she started exploring and developing new fun and exciting challenges for Scamper. Check out our short clips over on Instagram here and here

Coding is increasingly becoming one of the biggest trends in Education throughout the UK. There are so many benefits of introducing Coding as early as possible to young children such as developing computer skills, problem solving skills and it facilitates creativity. Coding Critters is a fun way to get young children interested in Coding whilst having lots of fun play!

I think Coding Critters has really helped instil a love of coding in DD5. She now plays and interacts with Scamper & Sneaker every day and is always playing in diffferent ways with them, thinking up and planning different moves. They are her very own pets and she loves looking after them!

DD5 says, 'I like it when Scamper Meows and races around all over the place. I really like it when it chases the butterfly. It's my favourite toy to play with.'

As with all Learning Resources products, this toy is very high quality and the price is very reasonable for such a great product. I am sure DD5 will play with Scamper and Sneaker over and over again. They work best on hard surfaces so we have been using on our table (making sure it doesn't fall off!) and for solitary play DD5 codes on the kitchen floor. 

The new Coding Critter range from Learning Resources are now available to purchase on the website here or over on Amazon here. There are a few to choose from:

Scamper & Sneaker
Ranger & Zip
Rumble & Bumble

Which set would your child have the most fun with?

Happy Coding :)