treat trunk - Healthy Snack Boxes - Review

This week we have been on a snacking adventure with treat trunk! Are you looking for healthier snacks for your children? Then check out treat trunk you're sure to discover something new inside each box!


'Full of adventure. Free from hassle. Every month, we handpick the most exciting snacks especially for you, both savoury and sweet. Our Treat Trunks are delivered directly to your door and come packed full of surprises for all the family.

Never stop adventuring! With each delivery, you’ll be introduced to the latest and most tantalising snacking trends of the month, as well as a few of the irreplaceable old classics of course. Choose from 2 dietary options and 2 sizes.'

Our personalised family snack box arrived this week full of healthy treats for the whole family. The box was brimming with goodies, many of which were new to us and we couldn't wait to give them a try, from yummy choc chip bars and herby chickpea puffs to a turmeric infused superdrink and Sky High Tibetan Chai! DS10 unpacked this 'never ending' box of treats here

There was something for everyone in our treat trunk. The kiddies got to try out new energy boosting snacks and new, exciting flavours which they all enjoyed, including this month's star snacks which were gut friendly and contained no refined sugar. An information card is included with more details of this month's star products and their health benefits. It was so nice to see the kiddies enjoying food which is more healthier than their usual choice of snack. 

Consuming healthy snacks in treat trunk, alongside a healthy diet, has many health benefits such as Better concentration, clarity, alertness & memory and Improved Digestion. The kiddies loved choosing a treat from this generous selection of colourful snacks, they found it difficult to share!

All these carefully hand-picked snacks are high quality and super delicious great for the whole family to share together. I felt treat trunk really have put lots of effort and thought into choosing just the right snacks for our family to enjoy. 

Overall, we think treat trunk is the best healthy snack box ever! It brings exciting new guilt-free snacks each month, perfect for the whole family, directly to your door!

DS12 says, 'I enjoyed the raspberry peelers best. They were delicious!'

DD4 says, 'I grabbed lots of yummy snacks from our treat trunk.'

Check out the treat trunk website here to order your yummy goodies for the family.

Disclaimer: This box was gifted to us in order to review and promote. All opinions are my own. 


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