Coding Park - Review and 20% off Discount Code!

 Help kids, parents, and educators develop computational thinking skills with fun video games!


'Coding has become very important in the education community with many schools trying to introduce it in classrooms. The problem, however, is that many teachers do not know how to code, or at least are uncomfortable with it ! Coding Park is built to solve this problem; it provides interactive courses for students and ready-to-use lessons for teachers.'

No training was needed for the boys to get to grips with Coding Park. The fun, interactive games engaged them instantly as they made their way through each map to find treasure, typing code as they went. There are so many benefits of learning to code such as acquiring rigor in writing, helping develop visual thinking and learning coding provides the same cognitive effects as learning a second language!

The kiddies now enjoy using Coding Park as part of their everyday Home Education. They whizz through their other subjects in order to get on the computer and code away as they develop their creativity and further their knowledge of coding. Coding Park has made them much more confident to type code as they are so eager to play this cool online game. Even DS7 has learnt how to quickly code and will sit with his brothers as they work together to solve each level. Fridays are our free learning day where the kiddies get to choose what they learn and how they learn. This week the boys were keen to log into Coding Park and start programming! 

DS12 says, 'Coding Park is fun to play and I have learnt so many new things.'

DS7 says, 'I like playing Coding Park and know what to type so the little character moves on the map.'

Coding Park has many amazing features, it is a great alternative to visual coding blocks, providing a realistic coding experience combined with visual composition, totally independent from programming languages.

Overall, we think Coding Park is the best website for learning how to code for ages 7+, without the usual drag and drop boxes. Children learn how to code through playing each level. Each level has bright, colourful images which captivate young children, encouraging them to progress and learn the fundamentals of any programming language and understand more about algorithms. There is even an option for students to use the visual level editor, where students can create new challenges with their own treasure maps!

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Disclaimer: We have been given a free trial in order to review and promote. All opinions are my own.