Tackling Tables - Review

'Tackling Tables - a brilliant way to master times tables and the inverse!'

Tackling Tables and Tackling Add & Subtract

The kiddies have found a new, fun way to develop their mental maths skills this week! We have been trying out these colourful cards from Tackling Tables. They aren't your standard, everyday flashcards but they are a unique, fun way to improve your child's arithmetic fluency, promoting development of mental strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! 

'By playing the Tackling Tables cards, students see the power of number relationships rather than times tables in isolation. This is a fun and effective way to help them learn multiplication and the corresponding division facts “off by heart”.'

Tackling Tables

'Learn One - Get One Free!'

My children enjoy learning through play so I thought these cards would be a nice addition to their Maths lessons. They've taken to Tackling Tables really well and want to compete against each other everyday which aids their revision in all the tables. The cards can be played to reinforce each of my children's times tables individually or they play together as a game.

Tackling Tables

I cover the number in the centre of the card and they quickly recall the answer. I love the 'Learn one get one free!' idea as it makes sense that children understand early on that if they know 5 x 6 = 30 then they also know that 6 x 5 = 30 too! By using this method it reduces the amount of tables they need to learn as they get older. By the time they come to learn the 9 x tables for example, children know most of them already! Making it seem less daunting for them as they learn another set of tables.

Here is a short video explaining more about Tackling Tables:

I intended to use these cards at the start of each Maths lesson as a quick starter to get the kiddies quickly recalling their tables and divisions within 3 seconds, but they boys enjoy them so much that they often play as a game, without realising they are learning and recapping as they play. They race each other to win as many cards as possible. If they answer correctly within 3 seconds, they win the card! Learning times tables from an early age makes further Maths much easier so I am always keen to get them reeling them off. I think this method is great because instead of parroting them one by one, they can now say them randomly much easier. Divisions, being the inverse of Times, can also be taught by covering one of the other numbers on the card. 

Tackling Tables

Tackling Tables

Tackling Add & Subtract - the exciting way to master mental maths!

There is also a pack of Addition & Subtraction cards available that can be played in the same way. These are just as great, the kiddies use them to practise working out calculations mentally with ease at great speed. Especially DD4 who has been recently learning her number bonds to 10. The number bond cards to 10 have been given a star shape so that these can be easily recognised and used by themselves.  I cover one of the numbers in the corner of the card and she quickly tries to guess the number that's hiding! Again the cards are in three different colours covering different phases. It begins with the purple level which develops fluency and progresses onto yellow, then orange which each build on the previous phase.

Tackling Add & Subtract

Tackling Add & Subtract

Tackling Add & Subtract

Tackling Add & Subtract

Our Tackling Tables packs have been placed on our living room mantlepiece now for some 'quick fire rounds' in the evening as a family.

DD15 says, 'These cards are a really great idea and quite funny when I am playing against my 7 year old brother.'

DS12 says, 'I enjoy using Tackling Tables cards, I am getting faster at recalling the answer each time I play, even the inverse questions!'

DS9 says, 'I like racing my brother and winning all the cards. They have really helped me remember the harder times tables.'

DS7 says, 'I know all the blue cards now really well. Tackling Tables cards make Times Tables easy and fun!'

DD4 says, 'I am trying to learn my number bonds to 10 with these cards.'

Tackling Tables

Overall, I think these cards are amazing and are a great 'must-have' resource for all Home Ed classrooms. They make learning fun and enjoyable and as a parent I can quickly see which calculations my children need to focus on. The cards that they don't win get put to the back of the pack and at the end I can easily see which sums to work on. The method works really well and they are unlike any other flashcard type learning that I have ever come across before. It's a simple, yet great innovative idea and I am so pleased that I have now discovered these whilst my children are still learning their tables!

For further information or to purchase packs for your Home Ed classroom then check out Tackling Tables here

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post and all opinions are my own.