Ogden Water, Halifax

Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve offers a superb opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Over 300,000 people visit Ogden Water every year for picnics, walking, feeding the ducks, family outings and nature activities.
Why not enjoy a picnic at one of our picnic tables, whilst taking in the stunning views.

The visitor centre is open 10.30am to 3.15pm. Why not pop in for a tea, coffee, flapjack or gingerbread man and remember to pick up some duck food to feed our wildfowl. 

The visitor centre also has many leaflets about things to do in the area. 
Please note there is no cycling allowed anywhere on the Ogden Water estate. There is also no fishing allowed within the reservoir. There is car park space but please remember to pop a £1 in the 'honesty box' which can be found in the visitor centre at the end of the walk. 

This was a lovely family walk with lots to see. The boys even found lots of painted rocks hidden along the walls as they rambled along. They had enjoyed reading the messages and rehiding each rock they found. Check them out over on our Instagram page here

The Permanent Orienteering Course maps are available at the Visitor Centre. £1.50 each. They are proving very popular, particularly with school groups. So why not go as along as a Home Ed group and do some orienteering!!