Games on the Go - Review

"Are we nearly there yet?
Are you familiar with this line? or maybe bickering in the back as you're heading out for the day? When travelling with children one of the best ideas is to take along an activity and not show them until they start getting fed up and fidgety!
I have placed this quirky little set of wipeable game cards, Games on the Go by Lonely Planet Kids, within hands reach in the back of our car, ready for the kiddies to play whilst travelling to and from our Home Ed day trips or further afield. This sturdy little box consists of 40 wipe-clean cards and a dry-erase pen, perfect for those long car journeys!

If you're on the go with a kid in tow then these cards are a must have!

'Banish the boredom of long car journeys and other big trips with Games on the Go, a fun and colourful mix of seek and find games, drawing challenges, word searches and more. A must-pack addition on any family trip, it fits easily inside carry-on luggage and can be deployed in seconds!'

It's not long after we set off on our family trip, that our Games on the Go cards make their first appearance. The cards keep the kiddies amused with fun games such as Road Trip Bingo, drawing what they see on the Skyline and Wildlife Watching. The activities on these high quality cards kept them entertained throughout the drive as they completed word searches together, wrote postcards, drew the shape of the clouds they spotted and looked out for things passing their windows to tick them off on their bingo cards. 

As well as keeping the kiddies entertained during car journeys these handy little cards could easily fit into luggage when travelling by train or plane! They would also be great to take along on a picnic or waiting at a hospital appointment. If you're on the go with a kid in tow then Games on the Go cards are a must have! 

DS7 says, 'Games on the Go cards are fun to play with when I am in the car, they make the journey go faster!

Check out our Instagram video here where DS7 takes a closer look at the cards!

If you're looking for something to keep the kiddies entertained when you're out and about on your travels then why not take along a pack of Games on the Go cards?

Games on the Go by Lonely Planet Kids can be bought here.

Disclaimer: These cards were sent out to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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