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'Captivating activities that explore our amazing world!'

DS7 and DD4 have been on an amazing adventure this week with their ExplorerBoxes. We received the Science themed box and the Woodland themed box which have been perfect to spark their imaginations and ask all their curious questions. The boxes are cute little sturdy cardboard suitcases, with a fun design, ready to take little ones on a fun learning journey!

'These exciting new boxes are sent directly through the post to little explorers aged 3-8, an ExplorerBox is an exciting themed children’s activity box. Little explorers have tonnes of fun learning about our amazing world through making and doing.

Each box contains four individually packaged and captivating activities, all of the materials and instructions, fun facts, and great ideas for other ways to explore the theme...think stomp rockets, constellation spotting, minibeast hunts, weather vanes, liquid rainbows and cress heads...

Our exciting themed ExplorerBoxes provide hours of adventure, learning and together time for families! They make unique children's gifts or rainy day, weekend and holiday activities.

Each box contains four individually packaged and captivating activities, all of the materials and instructions, fun facts cards to talk about together, and great ideas for other ways to explore the theme. 

If they would like to, little explorers can build up a collection of the facts cards in a separately purchased 'ExplorerBook' and keep talking about their adventures over and over.

The only items you are expected to have at home are safety scissors, a pencil, a glue stick and sticky tape. You can purchase a separate 'ExplorerBox Starter Kit' containing these items if you need to.'

Build a Skeleton - Science Box

DS7 has been learning all about the Human Body with this build a skeleton activity from his Science Box. He has been learning the names of each bone and organs as well as measuring length. We love how these boxes not only provide lots of fun, educational activities but there are plenty of extension ideas to explore further, such as measuring around his body and labelling the bones and organs or creating red and white blood cells with red water beads and ping pong balls.

DS7 says, 'My ExplorerBox was lots of fun and I enjoyed making the skeleton best. I learnt all the names of the bones in my body.'

Creating a Rainbow - Science Box

I have been looking for some fun, simple Science experiments for DD4's Early Science education for a while now. ExplorerBox has come along just at the right time for her to learn and investigate various topics such as density and magnetism through intriguing activites which have sparked her curiosity. 

Each box comes with coloured coded cards to match each activity, which made everything so much easier when DD4 pulled out a different activity pack each day and found the matching cards. A full set of instructions is included on the card, as well as educational notes to explain the topic to young children and extension ideas to further their knowledge. 

DD4 enjoyed learning all about Magnetism when making magnetic butterflies. She carefully coloured and cut around the butterfly templates, tied each of them to the weight with paper clips and then used the cute little magnet to make them 'fly'. 

I really like how each engaging activity has been planned out. The pack includes all the main resources needed for the activity, which are all of high quality. 

Making Magnetic Butterflies

DD4 says, 'I love ExplorerBoxes because there are lots of games inside. I liked the felt tips and paints. I liked mixing all the sugar and paint to make a rainbow.'

Growing a Cress Head - Science Box

Making a nest of hedgehogs - Woodland Box

Making a Weather Vane - Woodland Box

I believe children learn Science best when they are out and about, busy investigating the world around them, rather than sat trying to learn from a book. ExplorerBoxes are the perfect way to introduce new science topics to young children, providing them with the opportunity to explore by themselves through fun 'hands on' experiments. They nurture your child's natural sense of adventure and curiosity, and encourages them to be a persistent problem solver whilst learning about the world around them.

Making a weather vane - Woodland Box

and did you know?

That for every ExplorerBox sold they donate 50 pence to help children in need and they hope to collaborate more and more with partner charities as their business grows? ⁣⠀
They’re currently supporting their local Home-Start in Reading. Home-Start are an amazing team of volunteers who help parents across the UK to learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children, all in the security of their own home. ⁣⠀
They are delighted to gift some ExplorerBoxes to Home-Start for volunteers to enjoy with the families who they visit!!

Check out the ExplorerBoxes website here and have a look at the different themes available!

Disclaimer: These boxes were sent out to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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