Artie 3000™ - The Coding and Drawing Robot - Review

'Say hello to Artie!!! where coding meets creativity! Children will develop left and right-brain skills with Artie 3000™, the WiFi enabled coding and drawing robot. For children ages 7 - 11 years old.'

DS7 says, 'Artie 3000™ is my favourite robot as it draws cool designs when I code it.'

Primary learners will develop:
Left-brain skills such as basic programming, geometry and maths as they control Artie
Right-brain skills such as creativity, imagination and expression as they develop patterns and drawing
With four modes of play: pre-programmed shapes, games, art for colouring and freeform coding, children will love coding Artie to “tell” the robot what to do!

The easy-to-use drag and drop programming can be used on a Mac, PC or tablet
Artie 3000™ includes:
Multilingual QuickStart guide
Three activity cards
Built-in drag and drop visual programming interface
Further browser based languages to extend coding knowledge: Javascript, Blockly, Point & Click, Python and Remote Control
Four thin, washable, felt-tip, coloured pens (pink, blue, purple, green) – Artie is also compatible with any similar-sized marker pens
Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Artie 3000 measures 15.5cm H x 14cm W
Features multilingual packaging
Learn more about how you can extend coding skills with Artie 3000™

DS10 says, 'I couldn't wait to use Artie 3000™ when he came in the post. He is bigger than I thought he would be. I like changing the measurements so he draws bigger shapes.'

The boys love this fun, cute little robot, Artie 3000™. He's simple to use and no internet access is needed, as he has his own built in WiFi. They popped in some batteries, aligned one of the felt tip pens and connected to Artie's WiFi via our laptop. They then accessed Artie's own coding website from the brower and away they went. Artie 3000 comes with a quick start guide and three simple lesson cards which the boys carefully followed. They entered the simple code by dragging the relevant boxes and altered the measurements, clicked Run! and watched in awe as Artie moved along the paper leaving a felt pen trail behind him. They first made a square, then a circle and became more confident and made lovely geometric designs. 

We think Artie 3000™ is the coolest robot to learn how to code and program whilst creating amazing designs and patterns. The boys explored making different shapes as they tweaked the measurements and degrees which Artie drew out for them. 

Even though Artie 3000™ is very simple to set up and use, it teaches basic programming knowledge through creativity and imagination for primary school age children. It's perfect for STEAM learning, as it incorporates many different learning skills. One of the great things about Artie 3000 is that it has other coding applications available to expand children's knowledge such as Blockly, Python and Javascript.

We think Artie 3000™ is a another great educational resource, from Learning Resources, for all primary aged children to explore code and develop their programming skills. It provides children with an excellent learning experience where they can gain a love of computing and coding whilst learning through play. It's amazing how much the boys have picked up and learnt by following the lesson cards and then going on to invent their own code and watch Artie drawing out their innovative designs. 

If you would like more information about Artie 3000™ from Learning Resources, then check out this link here

Disclaimer: This product was sent out to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. This blog post contains affiliate links. 


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