Whisk Kids - Handmade Baking Kits for Kids - review!

I have very fond memories of baking as a child. My mum would sit us around the table in the dining room which would soon be covered in flour and margarine, and we would be cracking eggs only half of which would actually land in the bowl. It was very messy but that's how kiddies learn and we loved it! 
As soon as my kiddies were able to hold a wooden spoon they began their own baking adventure making biscuits, buns, cakes and flapjacks. They now love baking too, but every time they decide they want to bake it's either not a good time to start measuring out flour or we don't have enough sugar! So when I heard about Whisk Kids baking kits I thought it would be great to receive a box through the post so they can bake by themselves, following a simple recipe card. There are different kits to choose from such as Iced Lemon Biscuits and Double Chocolate Brownies. We received two boxes of Rainbow Cookies, something new for my kiddies to bake! 

'Whisk Kids produces a range of fun Baking Kits for Kids, available as one off purchases or as a quarterly subscription. There are six different Baking Kits to choose from and each one includes a fun activity pack.' Whisk Kids

The Rainbow Cookie baking kit comes with a ready made biscuit mix, smarties, instructions and a fun activity kit to complete whilst the cookies are baking, which is all beutifully packed in a sturdy cardboard box. DS9 helped the little ones measure out margarine and golden syrup which were the only ingredients we needed to add. Check out our short unboxing video clip here


As soon as the extra ingredients were added they were off! DD4 and DS7 mixed away to their delight in large bowls using their wooden spoons. They had lots of messy fun rolling the mixture into balls before dividing up and sharing out the smarties on top of each one. This sensory and messy form of learning fostered their creativity, curiosity and imagination. It also helped develop DD4's concentration skills as she carefully followed the instructions. See DD4 mixing away here, she just couldn't wait to open the smarties!!!

I loved how they worked together as siblings helping each other with measuring and mixing. Whisk Kids baking kits provided my children with a practical 'hands on' learning experience of life skills  as well as developing their motor skills. It also incorporated their three core subjects English, Maths and Science. They had to carefully read and follow the recipe card, and complete a wordseach, measure and weigh ingredients and they also learnt all about reversible and irreversible chages. DS7 was also able to write up the recipe afterwards too!

The activity pack and crayons kept them busy for the whole time that the cookies were baking. I think this is a nice little extra that is added to each baking kits. They coloured Rainbow Cookies and completed the wordsearch as the lovely aroma of baking cookies spread through the house. 

And then they were ready! The smell of delicious cookies filled the house as they cooled on a wire rack. Everyone couldn't wait to give them a try! They all baked evenly and came out a lovely golden colour. It's definititely a thumbs up from the kiddies!!! :)

DD4 says, 'I liked putting the colourful smarties on top, my favourite colour was chocolate brown. I coloured the cookie picture whilst I waited for my cookies to bake in the oven. I love the yummy cookies, they tasted very yummy.'

If you're looking for simple baking kits through the post to inspire a love of cooking into your kiddies then I highly recommend Whisk Kids. The packaging is crisp and clean, and all ingredients are suitable for vegetarians. The website also provides some great easy peasy recipes you can try with your kiddies! So why not check them out!! If you'd like to purchase a baking kit or subscription then head over to the Whisk Kids website here. We are also running a giveaway over on Instagram here where you could win your own Rainbow Cookie Baking Kit!!

Disclaimer: These baking kits were sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own.