The Ultimate Bike Book - review

The boys have gone bike mad again this Spring and are dreaming of summer days then they can whizz around the park in the afternoons. DS12 is checking out this new Ultimate Bike Book from Carlton Books, so that he's clued up on how to repair a puncture when he's out and about.

'The ultimate cycling companion for bike-crazy kids, this guide is packed with cycling tips, tricks, facts and history, plus profiles of top cyclists to provide inspiration. Want to fix a puncture, learn about mountain-biking or find out what to look for when buying your next bike? It's all here. There's a write-in cycling logbook section to record personal cycling achievements, plus a quiz and a cycling game.'

The book has colour illustrations and photos throughout, and the information has been diced into short easy-to-read chunks with colourful backgrounds. DS12 particularly enjoyed the colouring in pages where he got the chance to set up his own cycling team, designing the kit and accessories and drawing the bikes. 

This book is packed with useful information such as tips on safe cycling and riding at night, what you need to stay safe and keep your biking running smoothly and Superstar Cycling pages where DS12 got to read about different bikes, races and cyclists. There is even a bike-themed game to play which DS12 played with his younger brothers. 

The Ultimate Bike Book is not only a handy book to glance at when you need to fix a repair, but it's packed with lots of fun info for bike mad kiddies! DS12 pedalled back in time and followed the historic journey of the bicycle, from the earliest machines to the advent of today's professional carbon-fibre road-racing bikes, which turned into a History Project!

The Ultimate Bike Book from Carlton Books can be purchased here ISBN 9781783124558

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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