Table Fables - review

This week we've been trying out Table Fables, the fun way for little ones to get to grips with learning their times tables. Read on to see what DS7 thought of it, a discount code for home educating families and a lovely story from Becky, the CEO of Table Fables, telling us how Table Fables came about.

DS7 began by getting to know the cute characters before tackling each times table, level by level. I have always been keen for the kiddies to know their tables by heart, which makes teaching Maths much more easier as they progress through each Maths topic. Table Fables has made it much more fun as they enjoy playing each level, and feeling proud of themselves as they complete each lesson. There are lots of short video clips followed by a quick test question to see if your child has understood. With DS7 having already learnt most of his times tables already, he jumped straight ahead onto level 3 which tested and revised his knowledge of each set of tables.

Table Fables engages and encourages kiddies to learn through play and rewards them along the way. They have a great 17-day program, once completed we send children money which keeps them very motivated, they post VIP prizes to those who are top of the leader board as well as a free online shop, games, bingo and worksheets.

DD4 is only just starting out on her times table journey and Table Fables has already caught her attention with its funny illustrations and clips. She sits and listens to the stories which have captured her imagination and I am sure she will be chanting her tables in no time.

Check out our Instagram page here this week to see how DS7 gets on with learning and revising his times tables using Table Fables!

DS7 says, 'I like learning my times tables, Table Fables has made it much more fun, I get to win things as I learn!'

Here is a lovely story from the CEO of Table Fables, explaining how it all came about:

As a girl, I remember wondering why school seemed to make sense for everyone except me. I struggled to understand why my peers sailed through tasks that I found impossible. The traditional educational system simply didn't work for my brain. My limited short-term memory needed something different to access the information.
Because of the gaps in my basic learning, the other maths dependent subjects suffered too. For instance, the sciences interested me, but keeping up seemed impossible resulting in my confidence suffering.
 When my own three children started to encounter the same issues with maths I panicked but, being Dyslexic, I problem solved, exchanging my fear for a determination to help them fulfill their academic potential. I knew that precisely because the dyslexic brain thinks differently, a successful career in maths or science shouldn’t be written off.
I felt so passionate about helping all children on their maths journey that Table Fables was born.

Hard work pays off...I eventually conquered my struggles and become an award-winning TV director/ producer, dealing with numbers and big accounts. Even though I was very successful I never dared ask for a pay rise, the old belief of not being good enough was lurking, hence my passion for not crushing the confidence of a different learner is essential.

I started to brain-storm (literally), how would my brain access the information needed?  I knew that association worked so I invented a different way of teaching maths using funny animated characters and stories. I tried it on my own three kids, and they suddenly shot from the bottom of their maths class to the top - and have stayed there.

Table Fables teaches children maths using stories, games and a brilliant reward system to keep them motivated, but more importantly than anything;  it shows children there are other ways of learning.
For me - the greatest gift I get every day is knowing that I have helped prevent countless children from the struggles and pain I went through daily for so many years!  Having been that kid in the classroom as well as the parent of three smart kids, frustrated by the lack of alternative learning methods, I am very proud to offer something that actually helps. Giving my children the gift of confidence has been amazing. 

I now passionately wish to pass that gift on to other children.

Get started with Table Fables today here and claim £10 off with code: HOMESCHOOL

Disclaimer: We are currently trying out a Table Fables subscription for review purposes and all opinions are my own. 


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