Our Yippee Adventures - review

This week we are planning on having a fun-packed week with Yippee Adventures
Yippee Adventures design and make children’s activity kits and party bags inspired by awesome adventures children should do before they grow up. 
There are so many unique boxes to choose from, but seen as though it's the start of Spring we decided to opt for the 'Greenfingers' and 'Bug Hunting' boxes. These large boxes, which can be personalised, are brimming with fun, educational activities, extension activities and play ideas. My first thought on opening the boxes was wow! I thought these boxes would keep the little ones busy all weekend, but there are so many things to do that I am sure they will entertain them for a whole week or longer! There is much more inside than other craft boxes I have reviewed. I could tell each and every activity has had a lot of thought put into it and there are some great little extras to further the kiddies' learning. DD4 and DS7 eagerly opened their boxes and wanted to start with absolutely everything!!

Watch our unboxing videos here and here of our lovingly wrapped Yippee Adventure activities!

Ready? Steady? Yippee! Let’s adventure!

At Yippee, they believe experiences matter way more than stuff, and their whole ethos is centred around facilitating fun adventures every child should do before they grow-up.

‘I made a rocket! I went on a bug hunt! I was a pirate for a day!’

Designed with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) in mind, they create a range of high-quality activity kits that give the green light for special times with your little adventurer.

• Be a space explorer by making your own planet and constellations!
• Plant, grow and eat your own food!
• Make your own campfire and shadow puppet theatre!
• Create your own castle and peg princess, dragon, king and knight!

• Mini Kits: for one super adventurous activity or as unique party bag alternatives.

• Bumper Kit Box: at least three themed activities for a whole ton of play and fun.

And because they understand how busy life is, they work hard to take the hassle and headache out of things, leaving you to make the most of precious family moments.

Whether you’re looking for unique party bags or themed activity boxes for fun and learning combined – they’re there to help you celebrate the everyday and build memories to last.

Yippee Adventures Greenfingers - Gardening and Growing activity box
The Yippee Greenfingers box is packed with lots of fun adventures. It contains the materials for seven activities and lots of extended activity and play ideas and fun facts. 

Grow delicious runner beans, cress and even your own edible flower!
Grow your own basil to make a tasty pizza!
Do a cool green bean maze experiment to explore light and growth!
Plant a sunflower! What height will your grow!
Make awesome chromatography flowers and a beautiful flower or leaf press!

There really is lots to do. There are lots of smaller packs within the box which contain an abundance of educational resources for each activity. 

DD4 chose to make Chromotography Flowers today so she took out the pack from her 'Greenfingers'  box. The pack comes with  a handy, simple instruction booklet which also had some Bee Facts to read whilst she coloured around a penny on the Chromatography paper and squeezed a few drops of water from the pipette to watch the colours spread out and separate. This creative early science activity provided DD4 with the opportunity to use her artisitic flare, learn all about nature and how inks separate. Early science is an important part of a child's learning, not only does it spark their natural curiosity about the world around them, but there are many other benefits too such as language development, critical thinking and developing decision-making skills. 

Yippee Adventures are fab for Home Ed classrooms as they make planning and preparing Early Science and Nature activities hassle free. The kits have everything you need in each pack, the only things you may need to add are everyday household items, such as a plate to draw around or a cup of water!

DD4 says, 'I really like my Yippee Adventures box because I like plants and I can't wait for the seeds to grow.'

Yippee Adventures also has a lovely poster available too! 100 awesome adventures to do before you grow up is an amazing idea to put up on the wall. DD4 stuck the little colourful stickers onto the activities she's already tried and decided which ones she would like to do soon. Check out DD4 here popping her stickers onto the poster!

These boxes from Yippee Adventures are perfect for the little ones to get out and about in the garden this spring. They are packed with interesting activities that require little adult input, which is great as they become little budding adventurers. Even if it's raining there are plenty of nature- inspired activities to do at the kitchen table that incorporate all early learning subjects. These boxes have provided many learning opportunities for DD4 which she has never come across before such as Chromotography and making her own flower & leaf press. It also opened up discussions on key topics as well as developing vital life-skills such as problem solving, communication and research. 

Yippee Adventures Bug Hunting box

The Yippee Bug Hunting box is filled with SIX bug-based activities for you to enjoy a fascinating nature expedition, as well as an extra activity where you can create your own worm farm.

Make a real bug home for mini-creatures who live right outside your home!
Play bug bingo with your family and friends, learning fascinating facts as you go!
Make your own wool web and spider with eyes—then hang it up and make visitors jump!
Enjoy exciting bug adventures and see how many you can study through your magnifying glass and pot!
Help save the bee and butterfly population by making a nectar café!
Create your own spinning spider illusion!

DS7 chose to make a bug home for our garden. He carefully glued all the wooden pieces together including the cute little ladybirds for the top. He then went outside to add dried leaves and twigs and will be monitoring it everyday in the hope that his little 'bug hotel' will have some interesting guests!

DS7 says, 'I love my Bug Hunting Box it's awesome! Yippee Adventures are fun because I like to explore in the garden! Yippee!!!'

Whilst he was outdoors getting muddy he also sowed some seeds which are bee & butterfly friendly, hopefully attracting more visitors to our busy garden.

I am so excited to share our Yippee Adventures with you this week so
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If you would like to start your own Yippee Adventures then head over to their website here to check out which fun boxes you would like your little ones to explore! We will also be running a giveaway over on Instagram so keep an eye on our page!

Here are the links to the boxes in our review:

Have fun on your Yippee Adventures!!!! :)

Disclaimer: These boxes were sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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