In the City - Book Review

'Look Mummy, I can see a little dog!' shouts DD4!! 

The kiddies have been on an amazing adventure in the city this week through the pages of this new book In The City.

'Get ready to explore the city! Dominika Lipniewska takes us on a magical journey through a day in the life of a city. With bold and distinctive graphics and lots of detail for children to explore, In the City covers every aspect of the features one is likely to find in cities throughout the world – from buildings of every shape and size, the many different modes of transport, bustling market places, parks and zoos and all the different people one is likely to find in the city.'

DD4 and DS7 have been busy looking at all the fun, abstract pictures hiding within the pages of this wonderful new hardback book by Button Books. 'In The City' has given them an insight into the hustle and bustle city life. It captures how people live, which animals they can see and what produce can be bought at the bustling markets through vivid images. There are even pages about the city at night and pages depicting noisy vehicles making bellowing sounds which DD4 thought was fun. 

DD4 says, 'I like the pages which show all the small creatures. I like spotting the ladybirds best.'

DS7 says, 'I like looking at the page with the tall buildings, it's my favourite.'

This book celebrates the colourful life of our cities using striking graphics, perfect for the littles ones to sit and spot things that catch their eyes. 

Are your littles ones ready to explore the city? 

In The City can be purchased here from Button Books ISBN: 978-1787080300

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Disclaimer: This book was sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. 


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