20 Spring activities for kiddies

It's Spring! My favourite season to start planning themed crafts for DD4. She loves making and drawing pretty butterflies and colourful flowers so I try to plan and prepare simple, fun crafts and activities for her to be getting on with, whilst I teach her older siblings each morning. Here are my top 20 favourite Spring activities!

Here DD4 is placing petals and other parts of flowers she has cut up onto sticky back plastic, you could also use cellophane, adding glue first. We then hung up her work in the window!

DD4 enjoys weaving grasses and flowers during Spring/Summer. Weaving can be done on a small scale using cardboard and wool or on a larger scale out in the garden using whatever materials you have. 

Each spring we receive free flower and plant catalogues through the post. We use these to cut up and make collages. DD4 also looks at the pictures to create her own flowers learning all about the parts of the flower along the way. 

We reuse lots of pots and containers for craft and painting activities. Why not dip old yogurt pots into paint to allow your little ones to print their own flowers!

DD4 made her own Spring themed sensory bag. All you need to a plastic Zip-lock bag, add hair gel or clear glue and then let your children add bits of nature they find around the garden such as leaves and grass. We hung ours in the window for DD4 to press and examine. 

With an old sieve and pipecleaners DD4 created her own flower garden one rainy spring afternoon!

There are so many crafts kiddies can make with paper plates. Here DD4 has made her own basket of flowers. I also used this craft activity for a Home Ed group at our local library, we used tissue paper for the flowers instead which were lovely when we hung them in the library window as sun-catchers. 

I cut a cardboard butterfly from an old box and attached it to a stick. I popped the stick out in the front garden and waited for DD4 to wake. As always she was the first one up and dressed. She enjoyed some quiet time exploring the garden, attaching bits of nature she thought were interesting to her. 

DD4 enjoys making things to send to her grandparents. She made these cute little postcards with some paint and dandelions. Dandelions aren't around yet but you could use any bits of nature. 

I often leave out 'invitation to play' activities for DD4 to complete at the kitchen table in the morning. Here is a nice flower-themed activity. There were pots of lentils for the 'soil', straws for the 'stems', playdough to make flowers and other bits and pieces. DD4 explored and made her own flowers. 

Loo rolls flowers! We love reusing loo rolls in our house. There are lots of crafts and educational activities they can be used for so they are worth holding onto! Here DD4 has made her own flowers to gift to Nana. 

Another great cheap resource are egg boxes! I sometimes pick a load up from our local shop for the kids' crafts. How lovely do these egg box flowers look!

Flower phonics! I made this box using strips of green tissue paper from the 'grass'. DD4 searched for the words and popped them into the correct flower pots that had the same sound. 

This is a cute early science activity to explore reversible changes. DD4 froze some water adding bits of flower too. Once frozen she removed them from the freezer, added salt and observed what happened. 

Another lovely invitation to play activity! A bowl of dried lentils, plant pot, carrot tops and flowers. DD4 used a bright green spoon to scoop and measure and was left to learn through play. 

Counting carrots! DD4 glued the correct number of green tissue paper onto each carrot. 

Flowers with bun cases. DD4 loves cutting so she enjoyed cutting lines along the bun cases to create these lovely flowers. 

DD4 got up close to flowers and cut them up to investigate what is inside. 

Making daffodil suncatchers! DD4 cut and glued tissue paper onto a clear pocket which I attached to the window. 

These colourful scouring pads were perfect to paint her own bees with!

What Spring activities do your little ones enjoy?
If you have a blog or Instagram page you'd like to share then please add them in the comments or drop me an email at theworldistheirclassroom@outlook.com

Happy crafting! :)


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