Times Table Swat! from Learning Resources - review

I love Maths, it's always been my favourite subject, but not everyone feels the same way. Many children often struggle with Maths and need to see how numbers are used in our everyday life, such as visiting the shops to add prices and deal with real money. Making Maths fun and practical has always been very important in our Home Education. Rather than just sitting working through textbooks, I have always sourced good quality Maths aids to use, as it's well known that children learn faster if they are allowed to use practical equipment to support them.

Learning Resources is an online provider of high quality Educational Toys perfect for Home Ed classrooms to provide a 'hands on' learning experience. They are committed to developing resources that inspire a life-long love of learning, and where children can learn through play. 

So this week DS7 and DS6 have been 'swatting' away revising their times tables with this fun fast-paced, engaging game, Times Table Swat! from Learning Resources.

This easy-to-play activity is perfect for reinforcing the Times Tables they have already learnt in their Home Ed Maths lessons and is also a great way to practise Times Tables by themselves. 

The friendly flies are colour-coded to make it easier for the kiddies to find the Times Tables they want to practise. There are 132 colourful flies on sturdy cardboard, with pictures on the back, providing extra excitement throughout the game. After reading the simple Multilingual Activity guide the boys quickly learnt how to play, trying to collect 'friendly flies' and avoid being 'stuck in jam' or swatting 'fly spray' using the vibrant fly swatters! 

They chose Times Tables they wanted to practise and then laid the colourful flies out on the kitchen table before racing each other to swat them. DS12 called out the sums and the boys whacked away, whilst DD4 randomly swatted flies in between each round! Check out our short video clip here.

DS7 also enjoyed practising his Times tables by himself here, and wants to use them in every Maths lesson now!

DS7 says, 'I love playing this game and feel good when I get all the answers right.'

The kiddies think that playing Times Table Swat! is a much more exciting way to learn their times tables rather than parroting them from a card or filling in endless worksheets. Times Table Swat! has encouraged them to practise their tables and compete each other in their Maths skills as they reel off answer after answer. They are beginning to recall answers much faster as they play along with each other. 

Another bonus of this game is that the Activity Guide not only provides instructions for the game, but also suggests alternative play & ideas such as focussing on the sums your child finds most tricky or why not have your child line up the flies in the correct order before shouting them out, swatting them along the way of course!

There is also a Multiplication Table on the back, providing answers in case you need them! ;) I have also been lining the lower numbers up for DD4 to swat away at as I call one out, so she can feel part of the game. I'm sure that she will pick up her tables much faster than her siblings by using this game. 

Times Table Swat! is ideal for funschooling Maths lessons where children can not only practise but also learn from each other as they play the game developing their cognitive and motor skills.

DS9 says, 'This game makes revising my times tables fun, and I like competing against my brother. Learning Resources make the best educational toys!'

For more information or to purchase Times Table Swat! then check out the Learning Resources website here

Disclaimer: This product was sent out to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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