The Story of the Second World War for Children - review

The kiddies are always quizzing their Great Grandad about the Second World War, asking him many questions about what life was like back then and what his role was during the war. Everytime we visit they sit quietly and listen intently to all his stories from his travels. So I thought this book, The Story of the Second World War for Children from Carlton Books, would be a lovely addition to our growing collection of books on our shelves. 

For a 'sneak peek' of this dramatic story book check out our short clip here. Not only do we stock up on lots of fun fiction and poetry books in our Home Ed library, but we also have a large section of Non-fiction books for the kiddies to dip into, whenever they want to read something that sparks their interest. This book is packed with facts, photos, documents and maps bringing key events to life for young readers. 

'The Story of the Second World War for Children shows the impact of the war on the lives of the people who lived through it, from children evacuated to the countryside, to bombed-out cities and civilians working in munitions' factories, and the soldiers fighting on land, sea and air. 

This book also looks at how the war led to major advances in technology, medicine and weaponry. Feature boxes throughout highlight subjects of particular interst to children, such as life inside a U-boat and tips for a jungle fighter. Maps and cross-section artworks of the insides of famous tanks, aircraft, U-boats, aircraft carriers add extra detail and fascination for children.'

This book is great for the kiddies to read through at their own leisure or as part of a longer project. It begins with a map of the world in September 1942 and shows the major battles, taking them through the years in date order, covering key moments in History such as The Blitz and The Battle of the Atlantic. 

DS12 and DS9 were both instantly drawn to look at all the black and white photographs as they browsed through this gripping book which also features a useful glossary and index. After learning and discovering new facts from the book, the boys then made their own Second World War Timelines, answered comprehension questions and made their own parachutes following the simple instructions in the book, adding their own plastic toy soldiers too of course!

If you would like to purchase a copy of The Story of the Second World War for Children published by Carlton Books in March 2019 then check out the website here for more details. 

Disclaimer: This book was sent out to us for review purposes and all opinions are my own. 


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