Lonely Planet Kids Sticker World activity books - review

This week we have been reviewing these colourful Sticker World activity books with over 500 stickers from Lonely Planet Kids. They are printed on high quality FSC paper and are full of inviting activities for little budding artists and all those who just love stickers! 

DD4 couldn't wait to start designing and doodling away. She enjoyed adding windows and wheels to planes, drawing her own currency and naming her own airport. Sticker World Airport would be the perfect sticker book to take along when travelling to keep the kiddies entertained as they sit around in the airport and on board the plane. With some sticker books I have found that either the stickers are too hard for little fingers to peel out, resulting in stickers that are torn in half or the stickers don't stick properly into the book, but these have been super!! DD4 peeled out the stickers with ease ready to add to each page and they stick perfectly. She can even re-peel if she decides to move her sticker to another page, which she often does! Check out our 'sneak peek' inside Sticker World Airport here

DD4 says, 'My Sticker World Airport book is awesome. I like the sunglasses that I can colour in. I love it so much!'

I have always loved investing in good quality sticker & activity books as they not only come in useful when out and about in the car or on a picnic, but also limit screen-time at home so my kiddies can nurture their imaginative and creative skills whilst playing and learning alongside each other. These Sticker World books encouraged discussion and they chatted about the designs they were creating together at the kitchen table. Books like these have always come in handy when there's been a newborn in the house to keep the kiddies busy!

DS7 couldn't resist joining in the fun. He enjoyed playing with Sticker World Castle book to design a visitors' map adding lots of sticker signs. Check out our clip here. I love how these books are packed with stickers to be used on each page as well as providing an opportunity to draw and create, unleashing their creativity. This book is perfect for little ones who love roleplay and everything knights and castles! Watch DD4 having a go too here.

DS7 says, 'I chose to play with the Castle Sticker World which is wicked! I really liked adding all the stickers.'

DS9 even had a go at Sticker World Farm where he added animals on the farm and designed some woolly sheep. With spring fast approaching this book would make a lovely surprise for all young children to learn more about farms and farm animals. 

Sticker World Farm

Sticker World Farm

These amazing new Sticker World books are great for children to dip into again and again. Packed with activities which open the door to endless possibilities these fabulous books are great for all children and a great addition to all Home Ed classrooms. 

Get ready to create the best airport ever!

From designing your own passenger jet and checking in customers, to selling holiday hats and sunglasses, this is your chance to build the ultimate airport. Serve up your favourite food, fill in passports and transport weird and wonderful objects around the world in giant cargo planes!

Just add stickers, doodles and lots of colour to bring everything to life.

Inside, you can get involved in lots of activities, including:

Choosing routes to fly your planes
Adding windows, wings and wheels to your planes
Creating your own special currency
Designing your pilots’ uniforms
Colouring in cabin crew uniforms
Treating passengers to tasty inflight meals
Decorating your air traffic control tower
Discovering strange lost property
Helping customers find their luggage on the carousel

Sticker World Castle

Get ready to create the best farm ever!

From growing crops and building barns to rounding up herds of sheep and milking cows, this is your chance to create the ultimate farm. Keep bees and make delicious honey, fill your shop with tasty food and drink, and drive a tractor everywhere!

Just add stickers, doodles and lots of colour to bring it all to life.

As the farmer, you’ll have loads of fun activities to do, including:

Creating a map so visitors can find their way around
Planting and tending to crops in your fields
Looking after ducks, geese and chickens
Milking cows and making delicious ice cream
Building a climbing frame for goats to play on
Keeping bird away with a watchful scarecrow
Raising lambs, piglets and calves

Sticker World Airport

Get ready to create the best castle ever!

From designing medieval costumes and adding ghosts to your spooky dungeons, this is your chance to build the ultimate castle. Design a coat of arms, entertain friends with enormous banquets and put on a jousting competition.

Just add stickers, doodles and lots of colour to bring it all to life.

As the castle owner, you’ll have loads of fun activities to do, including:

Creating a map so visitors can find their way around
Designing suits of armour and dressing up like a knight
Decorating your walls with funny family portraits
Counting all your treasure and designing a crown
Cooking up a delicious medieval feast in the kitchen
Organising an amazing birds of prey demonstration
Growing lots of vegetables and planting flowers

If you would like to purchase any of these Sticker World books by Lonely Planet Kids then please click the links below for further information:

Disclaimer: I was sent these books in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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