Willow & Wild Box Siblings Box - Review

Willow & Wild Box have created a brand new special siblings box for sharing!

The new Siblings Box!

This new box has 2 sets of craft materials and larger packets of seeds with some of the contents which can be shared for instance, laminated cards, booklet, paint brushes & glue sticks.

The Willow & Wild Box month by month subscription ensures that you have a box delivered through your letterbox every month, personalised with both children's names.

DD4 hanging her popcorn bird feeder!

DS7 and DD4 have enjoyed receiving their Willow & Wild Box each month for the past year, now they are trying the siblings box. Packed with lots of creative fun, inspired by nature, these boxes make teaching the children about the world around them almost effortless. It always comes with everything you need in the box and lots of extra ideas to develop their learning further.

Enjoying making their telescopes together!

This month they have been:

Growing Willow from sticks
Sowing Sweet Peas
Making a dragonfly and stick worm
Making a telescope
Drawing constellations
Learning about our Solar System & Stars
Making popcorn bird feeders
Going on a January Winter Walk - Scavenger Hunt

As soon as they opened the box, they wanted to make a start on the popcorn bird feeders! They've been busy decorating the hedge in our front garden this month with feeders for the Winter days ahead, enjoying watching all the little visitors hungrily pecking away at them, so this activity really fit in nicely with their latest topic all about Birds. They watched as the kernals popped away in the pan and then used their fine motor skills to thread each piece onto the wire, eating some as they went along! They couldn't wait to see their feeders hanging up outside.

The following day DS7 read all about constellations to DD4 whilst they worked together making telescopes. Another great 'hands on' activity which they could work on together. They followed the simple instructions and had fun with the golden stars and glittery sticky tapes!

Time for a January Walk!
The new Siblings Box from Willow & Wild Box is a lovely idea to get the kiddies working and learning together, it encourages them to become confident, independent learners through creative activites inspired by nature. Parents can get involved, helping their children along the way, or they can choose to allow their children to explore and discover for themselves. 

DS7 and DD4 enjoyed growing the willow best which they popped into a jar of water, observing changes to the roots each day. I liked the nature journals with the January Walk scavenger hunt which made us get outdoors for a lovely Winter Walk. These innovative boxes are packed with activities that allow children to connect with nature all year round!

If you would like to start receiving a personalised box from Willow & Wild Box then check them out here. If you're a Home Educating family then use the code: HOMESCHOOL to get 15% off!

Connect with nature this Winter with Willow & Wild Box! :)

Disclaimer: We are ambassadors of Willow & Wild Box therefore receieve the box free each month in order to review, all opinions are my own. 


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