Ultimate Eye Twisters - Review

This new book, Ultimate Eye Twisters, published by Carlton Books, has been entertaining the kiddies this week whilst they've been feeling unwell with colds. It's packed with over 180 illusions which have been boggling their minds! I have walked into the room to find DS12 staring at dots and seeing things that don't appear at first. It's all a bit bizarre but to these crazy guys, it's just a really cool book to look through, especially when they don't feel like doing much else. 

'Ultimate Eye Twisters is a bumper collection of crazy and mesmerizing optical illusions and visual puzzles. It contains hours of eye-boggling, mind-twisting fun for kids who love the challenges of visual trickery.'

Each time they pick up the book they find something new to look at. Even DS7 has enjoyed looking through the puzzles, trying to figure out what he can actually see! When they want to pick up a book, but don't feel like reading or getting pens out for puzzles, this book is ideal to just sit and look at for fun! It's been sitting on the living room mantlepiece this week and passed through many hands as they come back and forth to take a peek. 

If your kiddies enjoy puzzles and optical illusions then I am sure they will enjoy this mesmerizing book!

Ultimate Eye Twisters: ISBN 9781783124480 published Jan 2019 by Carlton Books, Preorder here

Disclaimer: This book was sent out to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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