Snowflake-Inspired Projects - Review

We heard that snowflakes have already started to fall over at Nana and Grandad's house the other week. The kiddies are hoping for another very white winter. They have their winter hats, scarves and gloves ready, and as soon as a few snowflakes start to fall, they will be out there!

Last year they made an igloo, made a 'snow mountain' in the middle of the road to stop the cars coming past :) used bottles of spray paint to get creative and even used it for some Science Experiments such as making coloured ice balls with balloons to roll around in the snow. 

They also enjoy making ice lanterns and and decorative snowflakes, so this year we are trying out this lovely Snowflake-inspired craft book from Carlton Books. Check out our 'sneak peek' over on Instagram here.

This Snowflake craft books is packed with creative ideas from Snowflake window art to cute little gift card tags. All you need is a craft knife and board and away you go. DS12 made a start on the window art by carefully cutting around the intricate snowflake designs. 

These delicate craft activities allow DS12 to carefully use his craft knife as he cuts away the card, marvelling over these amazing snowflake designs. His Maths lessons are also been thrown in as he thinks about geometric shapes and symmetry. 

DD4 is also feeling all wintery and is helping make some little snowflake gift tags. I don't mind how they end up looking, so long as the kiddies have fun and try their best to stick to the lines :)

If you're looking at starting a new project then why now choose 'snowflakes' there are so many ideas to cover various subjects such as acrostic poems for literacy and snowflake graphs for Maths. This book is a great start to lots of creative fun and can be purchased here published by Carlton Books.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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