Our Top Ten Educational Subscriptions 2018! HE Discount too!

Over the past year we have had the chance to try our many Educational Subscriptions some of which came straight through our door which the kiddies raced to be the first to snatch from the letterbox! So which subscriptions did the kiddies think were the best this year? Check out their Top Ten here, in no particular order:

1) LetterBox Lab - Home Ed Discount available!

We think Letterbox Lab is a great resource to have each month providing fantastic experiments for all budding scientists to carry out over a number of days or even a week and the best thing is that they have great discounts for Home Ed families! Check out the full review here.

2) Geo Journey

The kiddies have started their adventure with Geo Journey to explore the countries of the World in their Geography Lessons. They will be receiving fact-filled letters each month which include photos, postcards, activity booklets, travel tickets & souvenirs from different countries! I thought this would be a nice, interactive way to provide them with the opportunity to learn about the different countries of the World and encourage them to investigate more about them as we join the cute characters, Geo the Owl and his best friend Atlas the Golden Labrador Puppy, on their worldwide trip! Check out the full review here.

3) Willow & Wild Box - Home Ed Discount available!

This box is a must for all little nature enthusiasts, packed with activities to keep them busy surrounding one particular theme. It offered DS6 and DD3 lots of new outdoor experiences which they enjoyed and will remember as they harvest their sweetcorn later in the year! Check out the full review here.

4) First Wonder Box - Home Ed Discount available!

We think these boxes are an amazing educational resource for all Home Ed classrooms where children can learn through play. I love how each box itself turns into a game or activity for the kiddies to use, so there's less waste and each box covers a particular theme so that they can explore an exciting new theme each time. Check out the full review here.

5) Okido - Home Ed Discount available!

I would say if you're looking to buy your little one their first educational magazine or looking for a magazine subscription then go for this one! I am always a bit reluctant to give DD4 things made of paper as her little hands are able to shred things to bits within minutes! But I was nicely surprised that these strong magazines remained intact throughout the time she was reading and drawing in them. Check out the full review here.

6) EdPlace - Home Ed Discount Code available!

I have found EdPlace to be a great, easy to use, online learning provider with a friendly service. I think EdPlace is perfect for those Home Educating families, who are following the National Curriculum, and who want to feel assured that their children have access to high quality worksheets and assessments. Check out the full review here.

7) Happy Book Club - Discount available!

Both DD4 and DS7 were delighted with their new books. I read them out that night whilst they snuggled in their beds and since then they have been read over and over by the older kiddies to their younger siblings. DD4 is also enjoying flipping through the pages too. Check out the full review here.

8) Parrot Street Book Club - Home Ed Discount available!

Aside from all the benefits of encouraging children to read and instilling into them the joy of reading, I really like the way that you can also purchase a sibling add-on pack at the checkout and the with every book they send, they make a charity donation. Check out the full review here.

9) Mysteries in Time

Overall we think this box is absolutely fab! It immediately sparked their own curiosity and imaginations. They dived into this project and thoroughly loved being a part of Max and Katie's adventure. They have learnt so much without even realising it as the box has made our History lesson so much more fun rather than just reading through workbooks. We always try to incorporate practical activities in their lessons and this subscription box has made that task much more simpler for me. I haven't needed to go out researching and buying resources, all the things you need can easily land on your doorstep each month! Great subscription box, well worth the money, 10 out of 10 from us!! Check out the full review here!

10) Toucan Box

Overall I think the Toucan box is so much more than just an Arts and Craft box, it taught DS5 about Africa and the History behind the bowl he made. As a Home Ed mum it's a great way to incorporate  fun, practical learning into projects and the boxes are reasonably priced. Check out the full review here.

Which are your favourite subscriptions that you have signed up to this year? Are you planning on signing up to anything new next year?


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