Our Top Ten Educational Books 2018!

Over the past year we have used so many different books in our Home Ed classroom whether it be for independant reading, crazy crafting or to inspire a few exciting, new projects. We have recommended many different types of books from Vikings and The Titanic to Dino crafts and STEM books. We thought we would look back at these books that have found their way onto our shelves this year and choose the kiddies Top Ten favourite picks to share with you all! So here they are:

1) Forest School - published by GMC Publications

Do you take your classroom outdoors? Do you attend a Forest School? If you're looking for a book about outdoor skills and play for children, then this is the perfect book for you! This chunky book is printed on thick, high quality FSC paper which can easily be picked up and taken out and about as you and your children explore the great outdoors on your wild, muddy adventure. Check out the full review and author interview here

2) Arty Mouse

Put the fun back into learning and see the world through shapes with Arty Mouse! These books are great for children ages 3-6 years and takes them on a learning journey through Art, growing their confidence as they are encouraged to try out their motor skills across the pages by cutting, colouring, tracing and copying. The activities help with early writing by tracing the dot to dot lines vertically, horizontally and curvy. Check out the full review here

3) The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities - Published by GMC Publications

I love planning and organising nature inspired activities for DD4! I often spend hours trawling through online images of activities I can prepare for her, but often thought to myself that it must be much easier having a book to refer to instead! The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities is just the thing I was looking for! Check out the full review here

4) STEM Activity Books - Published by Carlton Books

If your kiddies are always asking questions about the world around them, enjoy reading facts and completing puzzles and quizzes then this STEM series is perfect for them. 
They make learning adventurous with their vibrant colours and illustrations, fun simple facts and instructions and they are packed with over 40 activities in each book. Check out the full review here

5) The Secret Life of... Published by Boyds Mills Press

The kiddies are enjoying listening to the story of Vixen and what she gets up to. The book is highly informative with lots of interesting facts at the back as well as a glossary of terms. The most striking feature of these books are the lovely illustrations throughout. The Red Fox book is full of wintery scenes which have captivated them as they listen intently to the story. Check out the full review here

6) My First Quantum Physics - Published by GMC Publications

This amazing book is aimed at children aged 8+ so I thought I would show it to DS9 today to see what he thought of it. He wasn't fazed by the fact that it's known to be one of the hardest subjects to study, he just opened it up like a regular book, read the simple information and studied the eye-catching illustrations. Check out the full review here

7) Nature Book - Read, Make and Create - Published by B Small Publishing

This is the type of book that sits on a shelf in a book shop and instantly catches my eye. With its beautiful illustrations and use of colour I just couldn't help picking it up and flicking through. It's got that Autumn/Winter cosy feeling when it's a cold day outside and you just want to get crafting with the kiddies in front of the fire!  Check out the full review here

8) Spanish Books - Published by B Small Publishing

The boys have been using this simple picture dictionary to learn new words and find words they don't know. There are over 350 words inside which are grouped together in themes such as fruit, farm, supermarket and bodyparts as well as the alphabet, numbers and colours. Check out the full review here

9) My Cutest Kitten with augmented reality app, published by Carlton Books

Each page is bright and cheerful with lots of cute kitten photographs to look at. There is also plenty to read and learn throughout the book with information on how these fluffy furballs like to play, feed and sleep. DD4 spent time looking though the book and listening to her older siblings read out all the facts before testing the app. She spends lots of time interacting with her new pet and her favourite part is when it catches the mouse! Check out the full review here

10) Recycling Project Books - published by Carlton Books

Do your kiddies like making fantastic craft creations? If so, I am sure they would love these books! 
Why not have a go yourself, and like us, you will end up with lots and lots of delightful crafts to display around your home! Check out the full review here


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