Life at the Zoo - Book Review

'This is the perfect book for every budding zoologist and animal-loving kid! Featuring illuminating photography and writing from Michael George, Life at the Zoo provides a unique behind-the-scenes view. Children can meet the creatures who live there and the people who care for them, too. They'll have so much fun, they won't even realize how much they're learning!'

Life at the Zoo by Michael George is a fabulous, informative book for children allowing them a glimpse at the secret world of their favourite animals. The book is crammed full of colourful photographs and information which is set out in an easy to read style.

The book appealed to all my kiddies from DD4 who enjoyed looking at the photos, especially the pink flamingos (her favourite animal at the moment) right up to DD15 who enjoyd reading all about zoo life and having a look 'behind the scenes' to see what life at the zoo is really like and the many job roles there are in order to keep the zoo running.

It covers many interesting topics for children to discover more about, such as zoo babies, training, playtime and medical care.

DS9 says, 'I really enjoyed reading all about the baby animals and seeing what people who work at the zoo have to do all day.'

Overall this book is an excellent educational resource to have in our Home Ed classroom. Not only is it a great non-fiction book for the kiddies to read, but it gives them the opportunity to explore further questions they may have, it could inspire them to think about what careers they would like to do and it could also spark project ideas. For a 'sneak peek' inside the book, check out our Instagram page here.

Life at the Zoo is published by Sterling Books ISBN-13: 978-1454930891

To get your hands on a copy for your Home Ed classroom then check it out here.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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