Winter Crafts for Kiddies

I prepare crafts for the kiddies at the start of each season and this weekend I have been scrolling through our Instagram page here to remind myself of all the activities we got up to last year. Here are some of our favourites that we thought we'd share with you all and we can't wait to show you some of the crafts we have planned for this year too! All you need are a few bits and bobs you'll probably already have in your Home Ed classrooms!

1) Ice Lanterns - We love making colourful ice lanterns to place out in our front garden. Adding food colouring really makes the candles stand out against the crisp, white snow. They are simple to make. Just fill a small bowl with water, add food colouring, glitter or anything else you fancy, then place a smaller bowl or cup in the centre. Place in the freezer overnight. Once it's frozen, remove the cup and bowl, then pop a candle inside and watch it glow out in the snow! This is also a great science experiment if you're covering States of Matter. 

2) Colourful Ice - Feeling Arty? Then try painting the snow with these colourful ice balls. Just fill a balloon with water and add food colouring. Place in freezer overnight and then get creative the following day out in snow! The boys enjoyed rolling them around and seeing who got theirs the furthest as they leave colourful tracks across the garden. 

3) Bashing Snowballs - DD4 brought some snow inside last year and made some mini snowballs. She added them up whilst bashing them with her toy hammer! Lots of fun for a 3 year old!

4) Painting the snow! Another fun way to take your Art lesson outside on a snowy day is to fill spray bottles up with water and paint or food colouring. The photos don't do this activity justice. They made lovely artwork on the freshly laid snow as they squirted away with their bottles. 

5) Spicy snow! DD4 enjoyed mixing up snow and spices as she enjoyed this sensory play activity. 

6) Snow Spellings! - As soon as we had a few snowflakes last year, DS9 was straight outside! Little did he know that we were in store for a very white winter. He took a stick and I read out his spelling list so he could write them in the snow! Funny how eager he was to do lots of spellings that day!

7) Painting a block of ice - Whilst waiting for the snow last winter, I froze a tray of water for DD4 to paint. She enjoyed painting on something other than paper, and also used ice to watch it start to melt. 

8) Penguin Families - Last winter DD4 was learning her CVC words so we made these cute penguins.

9) Tracks in the snow? DS9 turned detective last year and went looking for tracks in the snow. (He found mostly cat pawprints as well as a few bird tracks) :)

10) Snowflakes! - Every winter the kiddies love to cut up lots and lots of white paper to make their own snowflakes. They draw around a circular plate, fold the paper or card up a few times and then start snipping away before unfolding to discover what design they have made. This year we are reviewing a Snowflake craft book from Carlton Books here which we will be sharing very soon. If you would like to print off a template then I recommend this snowflake activity from Nature Detectives here. Don't feel like cutting? Then just buy doilies and add glitter if you like! The kiddies also held them up to see the shadows on the wall!

11) Snowflake Maths - Trying to get the older ones involved in seasonal crafts is proving to be a bit of a challenge each year, but last year they did enjoy their winter themed maths lesson! Their coordinate shapes turned out to be snowflakes!! ;)

12) Winter Games - We made our own winter games! Here is our snowman game made from a shoe box. DS7 spent ages trying to throw his ball through its mouth!

13) Loo Roll Snowmen - I remember these two from last year! They ended sitting on the kitchen table like salt and pepper pots. DD4 made them from loo rolls, adding detail with pens, buttons and finsihed with old socks for hats! So now you know what to do with your old loo rolls and socks this year!

14) Winter Writing - Don't forget to pop along to your local library and reserve all those winter themed books. Last year we wrote winter acrostic poems, polar bear stories and even penguin factfiles. 

15) Colouring Maps - of the Arctic and Antarctic - We use this World Colouring Book here.

16) Penguin Crafts - This is a favourite craft. I leave out the bits and bobs of crafts for DD4 to make her own penguins. 

17) Ice Excavation - I freeze lots of different items into little blocks for DD4 to build or dig away at. Mr Kidling empty cake packets make perfect little ice blocks. I add dried orange, star anise and anything else I find around the kitchen. Why not add bits of nature from the garden to freeze?

18) Make a snowman - Here is another 'invitation to play' activity which I can leave out for the little ones. 

19) Ice Skate Craft

20) Snowballs - tape up a piece of clear cellophane to the window and leave out glue and cotton wool balls for the little ones to decorate however they like. 

21) Painting Polar Bears

22) Feeding the Penguins

23) Counting cotton balls

24) Snowman Name 

25) Writing in sugar, salt or why not try dessicated coconut?

26) Winter mitten suncatcher - we cut out a mitten shape from card. Then cut out the middle and stuck some clear cellophane in the middle. DD4 then glued blue and purple pieces of tissue paper onto the cellophane. 

27) Winter Word Wall - we wrote down lots of 'winter words' we could think of throughout the winter which helped when it came to writing poems etc. Here are some winter words to get you started on Kiz Club. 

28) Polar Bear buns - following a basic cupcake recipe, DD4 then decorated with icing and sweets.

29) Snowflake Yarn Craft - DD4 is becoming more confident at sewing and enjoyed this snowflake sewing activity on the back of a paper plate.

30) Robin - another favourite craft is making robins which decorate the fridge each winter!

31) Snowflake prints

32) Maths with cotton balls - DS7 practiced his timestables as he dropped the answer using cotton balls onto each plate.

33) Icicle Scissor Skills - DD4 practised her fine motor skills with some cutting practice as she carefully cut along the lines.

34) Chocolate Snowflakes - DS7 made his own snowflake chocolate with this mould whilst learning all about reversible and irreversible changes.

35) Winter Sensory Play - Ice blocks and shaving foam make a great messy winter sensory play activity.

36) Winter themed snacks - At this time of year there are lots of winter themed snacks in the supermarkets which create great learning opportunities. Here we use penguin biscuits for DD4's maths lesson. 

So as soon as the first snowflakes fall this winter, wrap the kiddies up and take your lessons outdoors! 

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