Timeout Bags - Review

Last Sunday we had family visiting in the afternoon, so out came the hoover and we cleaned the house from top to bottom. It's too easy to turn on the computer and allow the kiddies to have some screentime whilst I am busy fluffing cushions and clearing away toys, so that no one stands on any tiny Lego pieces, OUCH! However, I had just the thing to keep the kiddies occupied - a Timeout Bag!

'Their bags are made from 100% cotton, which is naturally hypoallergenic'

A Timeout Bag is an eco-friendly bespoke activity bag in line with the National Curriculum, supporting 'STEAM' Education, and designed to minimise screentime and encourage learning through play.

'We offer bespoke activity packs for kids, including a selection of educational books, games, toys and healthy snacks.   Our eco-friendly bags represent great value for money, where combined prices are unachievable independently.  Our goal is to minimise screen time and to encourage learning through play. Too much screen time may lead to behavioural issues and affect sleeping patterns, especially whilst travelling.  We wish to minimise time spent on iPads and to encourage children to be creative and to use their imagination, in a fun and educational way.' Timeout Bags

The kiddies were keen to see all the activities crammed inside as they pulled them out one by one, deciding who was going to play with what. There were books to read and activity books to complete, fun toys, games to play together as well as craft activities and snacks! A bag of endless play opportunity!! It was just the thing I needed to keep them engaged in some educational free learning.

We received the Dolphins Timeout Bag for boys ages 8-10 years which included lots of exciting goodies. Take a look at our 'sneak peek' video here. DS9 spent a lot of quiet time building a model aeroplane and flying the glider around the house. DS7 enjoyed playing with the puzzles and reading the books too!

DS9 says, 'My favourite activity in the Timeout Bag was the glider, it can shoot up really high! I also love playing with the snake puzzle, I can't put it down!'

I love the fact that Timeout Bags 'give back' by supporting the UK based charity, 'Changing Faces' which is very personal to them.

'A portion of each bag you buy will support this charity. We hope to raise public awareness and generate support so that more children and adults can be supported through this amazing charity. What you buy can make a difference to someone and we hope this makes you feel good about buying one of our bags.' Timeout Bags - Find out more about on the website here.

Overall, we think Timeout Bags are perfect to whip out in order to distract and entertain children away from screens. If, like me, you're a busy parent looking for some handpicked Educational resources in a handy bag, then you're sure to like these bags! My kiddies were so engrossed with all the exciting activities that they didn't even think to ask to use the computer all day. They played together and read the books to their younger siblings, there were so many different things to do that it was hard for them to choose what to do first. I have noticed that spending time together, away from the screen, improves their behaviour. They calmly discussed answers as they quiz each other over puzzles, developing their communication skills. Timeout Bags are filled to the brim with Educational toys and activities that can be played over days or popped back into the bag, ready for the next time you need it!

Timeout Bags are ideal to take along when travelling to keep children occupied and they would certainly make a great gift. There are different packs available for different ages as well as special packs for weddings and hospital stays.

To get your hands on these fun activity bags and enrich your child/children's educational experiences, then please check out the website here.

Have fun!! :)

Disclaimer: This pack was sent out to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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