Thunder Pug - Book Review by DS7

Today DS7 is reviewing Thunder Pug written by Kim Norman and illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi, published by Sterling Children's Books. Check out our sneak peek inside the book over on Instagram here

This hardback book is a heart warming tale of two animal characters who love doing almost everything together. One day Percy the Pug decides to take on a new identity when his friend is too busy to play with him anymore. I asked DS7 to read the book to DD4 and then tell me what he thought, these are the questions I asked him:

Who are the main characters and what are they like?

The characters are Percy the Pug and Petunia the Pig. They are friends who like to play together, puffing dandelion seeds and playing other games. 

What happens in the story?

Petunia wins a blue ribbon and doesn't have time to play with Pug anymore so Pug reads his superhero comic and has a good idea that turns out rubbish until Petunia comes along. She has an idea too which is better than Percy's.

What did you like and why?

I liked reading the story to my little sister. Some of the pages rhyme which makes it more fun. I liked the story because there were lots of pictures to look at whilst I read the story. My little sister laughed at them too. 

What didn't you like and why?

I didn't like it when Petunia was carried off with her new friends in the wind. 

What was your favourite part?

My favourite part is when Percy the Pugs barks and when the little ants tickled his head as they walked over him.

Were there any funny or scary parts?

There were lots of funny parts. The funniest is when they stretched and stretched to rescue an animal and they plopped into some prickles which sent the animal flying. 

Did you learn anything?

I learnt that pugs can climb rocks.

Was it easy to read?

It was very easy to read. 

Who would you recommend this book for?

I recommend it for boys and girls ages 4-5 years old. 

How many stars would you give it out of 5?

3/5 stars ***

Thunder Pug published by Sterling Children's Books can be purchased here £12.99
ISBN: 978-1-4549-2358-9

Disclaimer: We were sent this book in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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