Our Top 10 Educational Resources 2018!

This year we have had lots of fun trying out new educational toys and thought we would share the kiddies' Top Ten favourite Educational Resources from our Home Ed classroom. So here they are, in no particular order:

1) FReNeTiC! - This fun, educational boardgame has provided lots of entertainment especially for the older kiddies who say it's the best game they have played this year! This fast pace word game has not only kept them busy, having fun together as a family, but has also helped their vocabulary, spelling and mental maths! Check out our review here.

2) Den Kit - This summer the boys set out on a woodland adventure taking along their Den Kit! They worked as a team as they set up the tent and applied camoflage facepaint before sitting in their hideout looking out for wildlife and birds, writing poems and reading books. Check out our review here

3)  Botley the Coding Robot from Learning Resources! This year we took Coding to a new level for the younger ones with this fun robot. The kiddies got to see their code in action through the movement of Botley, the coding robot. It gave the younger ones a basic understanding of coding, utilising step coding and logic. Check out our review here

4) Beaker Creatures from Learning Resources! Beaker Creatures is a great educational toy, bursting with fun experiments to get the kiddies excited about Science, allowing them to let their imaginations run wild and carry out their own investigations. It provides simple, stimulating experiments to engage young children, whilst having all the fun of collecting some new creatures along the way! Check out our review here

5) Paint Sticks from Little Brian Art -  These Paint Sticks are fab for all little budding artists to unleash their creativity, also acting as stepping stone towards early writing for the younger ones. They are perfect to pack on picnics and for outdoor use, as well as sitting at the kitchen table on a rainy day! Since we received our Little Brian Paint Sticks the kiddies always want to get them out whenever they feel a bit art and crafty! This week DD4 used them to paint 'snow' on the windows! They can be used on many surfaces such as wood, mirrors, glass etc. Check out our review here

6) GeoSafari Jr Talking Globe from Learning Resources - If you're looking to buy a globe for your Home Ed classroom which will allow your children to explore, then this is the globe for you! Learning Resources have taken exploring countries on a swivel globe to the next level by creating a talking pen with smart technology to teach your children facts about the World. It gave my kiddies the opportunity to have their never ending questions answered at the touch of a pen! Check out our review here

7) Bus Stop from Orchard Toys is a great educational resource for all Home Ed classrooms who have children under 8 years old. It gives younger ones the opportunity to learn through play alongside siblings or friends. It has certainly built DD4's confidence to participate in games as well as teaching her how to add and subtract, she gives this game 10 out of 10! Check out our review here

8) Slime from Zimpli Kids -  I would recommend these fun, quirky products from Zimpli Kids, not only are they super easy to set up but more importantly for me, they are 100% super safe!! Check out our review here

9) Zoomy from Learning Resources - By giving your child the opportunity to learn with a scientific device, such as Zoomy, it may be the start of a life long love of Science and a future career in this field! Check out our review of this cool handheld microscope here

10) Stems from Learning Resources -  this educational toy from is an excellent way for children to learn all about early Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as they manipulate the Stems into any shape they like. Check out our review here

So there you have it! Our Top Ten Educational recommendations of 2018! What has your best educational purchase been this year?

Disclaimer: We were sent these products in order to review and all opinions are my own. I only recommend the best educational products that I would buy for my own children. 


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