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Thunder Pug - Book Review by DS7

Today DS7 is reviewing Thunder Pug written by Kim Norman and illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi, published by Sterling Children's Books. Check out our sneak peek inside the book over on Instagram here
This hardback book is a heart warming tale of two animal characters who love doing almost everything together. One day Percy the Pug decides to take on a new identity when his friend is too busy to play with him anymore. I asked DS7 to read the book to DD4 and then tell me what he thought, these are the questions I asked him:

Who are the main characters and what are they like?

The characters are Percy the Pug and Petunia the Pig. They are friends who like to play together, puffing dandelion seeds and playing other games. 
What happens in the story?

Petunia wins a blue ribbon and doesn't have time to play with Pug anymore so Pug reads his superhero comic and has a good idea that turns out rubbish until Petunia comes along. She has an idea too which is better than Percy's.

What did…

Chewwies - grow strong! - Review

As a mother of five active kiddies I always seek ways to optimise their health. One of these ways is exploring the different options of vitamins on the market. I have come across many different varieties and brands but wanted something which are not only palatable, but also having the added benefit of not containing sugar, articifical colours and anything else deemed unhealthy.

Last week we discovered Chewwies, the yummy gummy vitamins! We have been sent this Chewwies Bundle Pack which consists of Chewwies Multivitamin and Vitamin D3, shaped like little teddy bears. As soon as the kiddies saw them they wanted to give them a try, they do look just like sweets after all! But would they taste as nice as they look?

'Chewwies® was founded and established by a group of dedicated and committed healthcare professionals, who found it increasingly difficult to provide their children with healthy supplements which suited their dietary requirements.
The majority of vitamins and supplements avai…

Timeout Bags - Review

Last Sunday we had family visiting in the afternoon, so out came the hoover and we cleaned the house from top to bottom. It's too easy to turn on the computer and allow the kiddies to have some screentime whilst I am busy fluffing cushions and clearing away toys, so that no one stands on any tiny Lego pieces, OUCH! However, I had just the thing to keep the kiddies occupied - a Timeout Bag!

A Timeout Bag is an eco-friendly bespoke activity bag in line with the National Curriculum, supporting 'STEAM' Education, and designed to minimise screentime and encourage learning through play.

'We offer bespoke activity packs for kids, including a selection of educational books, games, toys and healthy snacks.   Our eco-friendly bags represent great value for money, where combined prices are unachievable independently.  Our goal is to minimise screen time and to encourage learning through play. Too much screen time may lead to behavioural issues and affect sleeping patterns, especi…

Home Ed Q&A with a second generation Home Educator!

Today I am interviewing a second generation Home Educator from here in the UK so grab a cuppa and have a read!

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?

I’ve been home educating my four children since the beginning so, with my oldest
now secondary-school age, we’ve been on this route for over seven years. I was
also home educated all the way through my own education and that was definitely
an positive influence in our decision. I enjoyed the freestyle, fairly child-led,
education which my pioneering parents gave me and my eight younger siblings.
My husband and I love the flexibility and freedom that home education gives our
family and the way we can nourish our Christian faith and values naturally. It feels
simply like an extension to parenting.

What kind of approach do you take?

My approach to home education has been an evolving journey. I started with a
structured, classical education when my oldest was about four. It suited us, and my
two boys were still napping so I had plenty of…

Our Top 10 Educational Resources 2018!

This year we have had lots of fun trying out new educational toys and thought we would share the kiddies' Top Ten favourite Educational Resources from our Home Ed classroom. So here they are, in no particular order:

1) FReNeTiC! - This fun, educational boardgame has provided lots of entertainment especially for the older kiddies who say it's the best game they have played this year! This fast pace word game has not only kept them busy, having fun together as a family, but has also helped their vocabulary, spelling and mental maths! Check out our review here.

2) Den Kit - This summer the boys set out on a woodland adventure taking along their Den Kit! They worked as a team as they set up the tent and applied camoflage facepaint before sitting in their hideout looking out for wildlife and birds, writing poems and reading books. Check out our review here

3)  Botley the Coding Robot from Learning Resources! This year we took Coding to a new level for the younger ones with this …

Managing the Kiddies' Screentime with TimeTokens - Review

This week we are trying out an amazing new framework, TimeTokens which has been co-created by a 7 year old, to try to keep the kiddies' screentime to a healthy limit and hopefully it will also give us more opportunity to do things together as a family. 
I have always been conscious of how much time my children sit in front of a screen whether it is watching online cartoons or documentaries, playing games or sat competing each other on the playstation. We do not have a TV and our lounge only has bookcases, but as they get older and inevitably have more devices around the house for studying and rewarding their work, it has become harder to monitor the amount of time each of them has sitting in front of a screen. Experts have written guidelines on how much recreational screentime children should have each day, according to their age. So now the older ones need to use their tablets for studying as well as for pleasure, then it certainly has become more difficult to make sure the youn…

My Home Education Experience by Beth Levicki - Guest Blog Post

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a series of guest blog posts written by people, from all walks of life,  who were home educated. With my eldest, DD15, having started college this September, I thought it would be nice to hear what other young people, who were Home Educated, have gone on to do.

The questions I put forward to them were - How did you find being Home Educated? Where has it taken you and what are you doing now? and What are your plans for the future?

Today I have a lovely post to share with you from Beth, who was Home Educated.

When my mother found out about home education, my brother and I were in primary school and we weren’t very happy. It was September 2001 and I was 5-years-old, my brother 8-years old. I don’t remember how I felt when my mother took us out of school but I remember that my brother used to cry before going to school and would cry when the day was over. Of my school experience, at that age, I only remember being afraid of one of my teachers, M…

Winter Crafts for Kiddies

I prepare crafts for the kiddies at the start of each season and this weekend I have been scrolling through our Instagram page here to remind myself of all the activities we got up to last year. Here are some of our favourites that we thought we'd share with you all and we can't wait to show you some of the crafts we have planned for this year too! All you need are a few bits and bobs you'll probably already have in your Home Ed classrooms!
1) Ice Lanterns - We love making colourful ice lanterns to place out in our front garden. Adding food colouring really makes the candles stand out against the crisp, white snow. They are simple to make. Just fill a small bowl with water, add food colouring, glitter or anything else you fancy, then place a smaller bowl or cup in the centre. Place in the freezer overnight. Once it's frozen, remove the cup and bowl, then pop a candle inside and watch it glow out in the snow! This is also a great science experiment if you're coveri…