Zimpli Kids Playtime Range - Review

All things slimy and gooey seem to be very popular at the moment, with kids and adults alike! So we have been trying out the Playtime Range at Zimpli Kids in order to take slimy sensory play to a whole new level!

The Playtime Range consists of Gelli Play and Slime Play for use indoors or out, in large tubs or bowls. We have also tried out the Baff Time fun as well as SnoBall Play!

'Our Playtime range truly does bring new experiences to Playtime with Gelli Play, Slime Play and Gelli Snow. By exploring new processes and textures, children can enjoy Playtime whilst learning at the same time. These products are 100% safe on skin, made in the UK, non toxic and environmentally friendly. There’s also no need to worry about staining skin, carpets, clothes or bath tubs, as all our products are stain free! The products in this range are also available in a range of different colours.' Zimpli Kids

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The GelliPlay box made a truckload of jelly slime, we really did end up with bowls and bowls of the stuff. It was fun for the boys to experiment, whilst DD4 enjoyed mixing and scooping it. They even added googly eyes for a spooky effect, and spent hours with this fun, messy play activity. So what did we do with it all at the end? Well, the clever people over at Zimpli kids have obviously thought well ahead, there is another packet in the box, which if added to the Gelli, it turns it back into a liquid for easy disposal. This also added another educational element to this fun Science lesson!

DS12 says, 'The green GelliPlay was the best as it seemed to make an endless supply of Gelli from one small packet!'

Check out our short clip here.

We took our Slime Play outside last week when it was a lovely warm, Autumn day. The sun was out and it shined down on their bright green slime as they squeezed it and added their dinosaurs to make their own small world. The Playtime rang,e at Zimpli Kids, make a perfect addition to sensory tubs and trays, adding different colours and textures. 

DS9 says, 'The green slime was nice and gooey to hold.'

Watch our little clip here

We started bathtime early the other night and it's a good job we did as it went on forever! We added a packet of red Gelli Baff which turned the whole tub into a sea of red jelly. DD4 was a bit apprehensive at first, but then wouldn't get out once she got used to this whole new experience. They all wanted to get in and have a go playing in the jelly. They filled tubs and hunted for hidden objects. 

DD4 says, 'I liked putting my feet in the GelliBaff. It was warm and squidgy. GelliBaff makes bathtime fun.'

Ever since the leaves started changing colour this Autumn, the kiddies have been asking the same question over and over again, 'When is it going to snow?' After having so much snow last winter, they are hoping it does the same this year too!
For now though, we are making our own snow and the boys made the most of this lazy rainy Sunday by throwing snowballs at one another from their box of SnoBall Play!
There are two packets in the box. They used one, which made about 30 balls. I will be saving the other for a fun winter sensory tray for DD4 so keep a lookout here on our Instagram page to see what we get up to!

Overall, I would recommend these fun, quirky products from Zimpli Kids, not only are they super easy to set up but more importantly for me, they are 100% super safe!! I always worry when it comes to products where things could be put into little mouths!! but products at Zimpli Kids do not include Boron and they take the safety of all their products very seriously. Sustainability is also another important factor, with their products also being degradable. Yippee!

Have you tried the Playtime Range from Zimpli Kids? Which ones are your favourite?

Have fun!! :)

Disclaimer: We were sent these products in order to review and promote and all opinions are my own. 


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