Willow & Wild Box - Moong Beans and Rocket - Review

We received a lovely Autumn themed box this month from Willow & Wildbox!

DD4 is always excited to see what the box contains and this month there's also a little gift again for the adults!! 

 DD4 & DS9 have been busy little bees:

Making a pumpkin lantern
A spooky spider lollipop
Trying out some fun, new recipes
Reading all about bats and spiders
Sprouting a pack of Moong Beans
Making Handmade Plantable Paper
and completing the activities in the booklet!

The first thing that caught her eye was of course the lollipop! So she chose that activity first. She quickly moved onto making a lantern and played the fun activity games, where she got the opportunity to get out her favourite little yellow scissors to cut pieces out for some Autumn fun. She used her motor skills to chop up a banana, adding raisins for the eyes and mouth as instructed in the activity booklet.

DS9 helped to sprout the Moong Beans which they have never tried before. They prepared the beans by adding them to kitcken roll in plastic tubs before popping them into a dark cupboard. DS9 is excited about trying out the recipe as usual! 

Our favourite activity in this month's box has to be the Handmade Plantable Paper. They had fun tearing up egg boxes to soak in hot water overnight. The following day they had lots of messy fun blending it all up into a pulp before adding seeds and making shapes using the many different shape cutters they could find around the kitchen! Watch our short clip here on Instagram. 

We have been receiving these fun nature boxes for the past few months now and they are always packed with new activities that we have never discovered before. The kiddies are always excited to try them out and DD4 is confident enough to follow them all by herself as she looks through the activity booklet, following the colour photographs which spark her curiosity. 

Do your children enjoy learning about nature? Do you want to give them a lifelong passion of gardening? 

If you would like to start receiving a personalised box from Willow & Wild Box then check them out here. If you're a Home Educating family then use the code: HOMESCHOOL to get 15% off!

Have fun on your learning journey inspired by nature! :)

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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