Watch This! - Book Review & Giveaway

It's October! Time to think creatively and take out the art supplies as we join in with The Big Draw!
DD4 has been learning all about shapes and she's not only been drawing them, but she has been trying to make them using her body! She has been inspired by this new book, Watch This! from Scribble Kids Books.

'Watch This! is a groundbreaking modern photographic picture book about children using their bodies to make sense of shapes in a playful way, from three highly-acclaimed Australian creators.'

DD4 has been expressing herself through movement and shapes, making stars, triangles, semi-circles and many other shapes she could think up by bending, stretching and swirling around. This delightful new book is a playful celebration of movement, energy, patterns, colour and shape.  DD4 completes her little morning workout each day after looking through this vibrant book, full of colourful photographs of smiling children. She has attempted many of the shapes by herself and with her older siblings such as a wobbly pyramid!

I love how this book makes children think about the many different shapes their bodies can make. After DD4 saw the shapes each child could make in the book, she was confident enough to think 'I can do that too, Watch this!' and tried it out herself. 

DD4 says, 'This book is lovely, I like the looking at the children making a table with their arms. Some of the children are laughing in the book. My favourite page is the children making a star shape, touching toes.'

Do your kiddies enjoy making up lots of different shapes?

Can they make circles with their arms or triangles with their fingers?

I am sure they will surprise you with all the shapes they can make!

For more information or to order this book please visit Scribble Kids Books here or why not enter our Giveaway over on Instagram here

Disclaimer: This book was sent out to us in order to review and promote and all opinions are my own. 


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