Letterbox Lab - Slime and Swirls - Review

DS12 has been busy experimenting this week with his third Award Winning Letterbox Lab - which is a fun pack of exciting experiments that are delivered through the door each month, and this month it's all about Slime! Check out our last review here!

As always, the box is crammed with everything you need, so no need to pop out to the shops! There was even a cute bottle of touchable bubbles which DS12 thought were lots of fun!

He started off making some slippery slime, whilst learning all about polymers and non-newtonian fluids. He tried stretching, breaking and making shapes from it, following instructions by the colouful characters, Meg and Pico, in the simple instruction guide. The guide sets out the equipment needed, which can easily be found in labelled science-themed packets within the explore box, how to carry out the experiment safely and with extra information to discover more about the experiments. There are also extension activities which provide ideas to develop the lesson further. 

Next, DS12 tackled the bouncing slime experiment. I like how the instruction guide ranks each experiment on its level of 'messiness' so DS12 knows which one he wants to complete first depending on his mood and the amount of time we have to complete it. Today he didn't mind another messy experiment and enjoyed the 'hands on' new experience of this slime. 
He enjoyed recording his prediction in the table and drawing his results in the booklet. These experiments have been great alongside his workbooks and he is enjoying turning our kitchen into a laboratory for a day or two - much more fun than simply watching the experiment on YouTube! Letterbox Lab has also been helping him write up his experiments in the correct way too!

The 'Cloud in a Bottle' was DS12's favourite in this month's box. It was his first time using Mica Powder which he carefully added to the test tube and watched with wonder at the result! Check out our short clips here and here and here

DS12 says, 'I liked this experiment best because I had the opportunity to explore the swirling stripes of colour in planets like Jupiter. It was cool!'

Well done DS12 for completing your Bronze Explorer Certificate. He has achieved this award by completing and carrying out the experiments within the first three boxes of Letterbox Lab!

Do your children enjoy practical science experiments? 

Would you like to turn your kitchen into a Science lab for a day?

All Home ed families who sign up will receive 25% off their first box and 10% off further boxes! 

Try out Letterbox Lab today by checking out their website here.

Happy experimenting! :)

Disclaimer: This subscription box was sent to us in order to review and promote. All opinions are my own. 


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