FReNeTiC! - The frenzied word game of the elements - Review

We love spending time as a family and have a weekly 'Family night' where we grab a take out and spend time chatting and playing games. I try to find high-quality, educational games so that the kiddies are learning and having lots of fun!

A few of you may know that DD15 started college in September and is studying Sciences including Chemistry which she thoroughly enjoys. So this week we have been trying out FReNeTiC to help her gain a better understanding of the periodic table, as well as helping the boys with their mental maths skills and, mostly importantly, spend time relaxing as a family!

'FReNeTiC is the word-game frenzy that pits players against the clock - and the elements! Racing to make words from symbols of the Periodic Table, you score by adding together the atomic numbers of the elements you use. Suitable for ages 8+, couples, multiple players or teams. FReNeTiC combines fast, challenging and simultaneous gameplay with luck, skill and strategy.'  FReNeTiC Game, Dragons' Den Winners and creators of Accentuate Game

The boys were itching to have a go as soon as we opened the box this evening. We played around the kitchen table in teams. Racing each other against the timer, they quickly thought up words to try to score the highest points. FReNeTiC really made them question various words and whether or not they were in the dictionary and with over 10,000 playable words, there were quite a lot to discover! They used their maths skills to quickly add up their scores before moving on to the next round. It was nice to see them working together as a team and learning about the Periodic Table along the way. As soon as the timer was flipped over, the house was in complete silence as we had absolute concentration, thinking up new words from their growing vocabulary and then, 45 seconds, later they were back to their rowdy selves as they discussed the words they'd thought up. Watch our short clip here.

One of the many great things about FReNeTiC, other than the fact that it's a fast-paced word race, is that everyone plays at once, there is no hanging around waiting for your next turn. This kept the game alive and their enthusiasm remained throughout. It can be played in teams or they can battle it out individually.

DS12 challenged me to a game before bed and thought it was funny that I could spell my name using the tiles! He was there at 9:30pm quickly adding up his scores as his competitive nature shone through. Now, if I had given him a sheet of long additions at any time of the day, there is no way he would have shown the same enthusiasm!

The kiddies think it's the best game ever with DS9 wanting to play it again even after his bath! Each time they play it builds their confidence to think up harder, longer words as they try to beat each other. 

DS9 says, 'This game is awesome and very educational. It covers English, Maths and Science so I can play it everyday as part of my learning.' 

DS12 says, 'I really enjoyed playing as a team with my brother. We thought up lots of words but everytime I play, I try to think up longer ones than him.'

DD15 says, 'FReNeTiC has helped me become even more familiar with the Periodic Table, which has come just at the right time as I have quite a few Chemistry assignments to plough through.'

Overall, we think FReNeTiC is a great addition to all Home Ed classrooms and family board game cupboards! It will make a great game for all the family as they get together throughout the winter season, great as a quirky, educational gift for young budding scientists and adults alike, or even for some funschooling where children can learn more about the Periodic Table as they learn through play! and you certainly don't need to be a scientist to play, it's simple, fun and develops strategic thinking. Since receiving it, we have played a few times and the spark of excitement is still there everytime we pull out the sturdy board and little colourful tiles from the drawstring bag. It's certainly a game they will play again and again, learning something new each time. This game is recommended for ages 8+, but DS7 who has recently become a confident reader and speller, has been taking it up the FReNeTiC challenge!

Do you and your children enjoy educational boardgames? What is the highest scoring word that you think you could come up with? Follow us here on Instagram to see more photos and videos as we play FReNeTiC!

For more information or to purchase FReNeTiC then check it out here on Amazon!

Disclaimer: We were sent this game in order to review and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 


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