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Hi Archibold Clutterbuck here on my Worldly Adventure with my trusty companion Beans!
Isn’t the world such an amazing place. Beans and I have just been taking a look at our big World Map
trying to decide which continent to visit next. Do you have any ideas? Perhaps we should take a look
together and learn about each one.

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends

So what is a continent? Did you know there are 7 in the world. They are Africa, Antarctica, Asia,

Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. A continent is a group of countries collected
together under one name. Usually this is decided by how close the countries are to one another and
how much of a  shared culture they have. You can see all the 7 continents in the colourful map below.

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends

Let’s take a look at each of the 7 continents, starting with Africa.


This continent is home to over 1.2 billion people and is surrounded on all sides by water,

apart from small stretches between Europe (Strait of Gibraltar) and Asia (Suez Canal).
Africa is well known for its safari due to its incredible wealth of wildlife including Giraffes,
Lions and Elephants. The Kenyan and Tanzanian savannahs are also home to the Great Migration
where 1.7 million Wildebeest travel in a giant loop through both countries in search of new grazing
every year. What an amazing sight!

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends


This is the world's most southern continent and has no permanent human inhabitants. It does

however hold 70% of the world's fresh water due to 98% of it being covered in densely packed ice,
averaging 1.9km thick!

There maybe no human residents but animals like the Emperor Penguin flock to it's coasts in their

10s of thousands to mate and nest each year due to its fish filled oceans! It’s also a big deal to
scientists who come from all over the world to research subjects like climate change, animals and
the weather.

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends


This is the world's largest continent and is home to 47 countries taking up one third of the world's

surface area. This is just as well as over 60% of the world's population live here, with over 1.3 billion
of them living in China alone!

Asia is also home to highest point on Earth, Mt Everest. Standing a staggering 29,035 feet high and

also the lowest point on Earth, found in Lake Baikal at a depth of 5,315 feet!

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends


This continent is made up of 50 countries including the world's largest, Russia and the world's

smallest, Vatican City, which is a small state in the middle of Rome.
With a population of 741 million it is pretty busy for the second smallest continent. It's also packed
with stunning art and architecture from Italy's Michelangelo, the Netherlands Van Gogh to Spain’s
Gaudi. Also did you know  19 countries in Europe share the same currency, the Euro!

North America

Over 500 million people in 23 countries call this continent home. This includes the world's largest

island, Greenland, the iconic city of New York and the famed island of Barbados.

In the south below Mexico are the Caribbean Islands. Their isolation and tranquility is famed due

to only 2% of the 7,000 islands being inhabited! The south is also home to Panama and the
man-made Panama Canal, the only stretch of water to pass through the Americas from the Atlantic
to the Pacific Ocean..

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends

South America

Consisting of only 12 countries reaching from the equator down to the polar regions this continent

contains both the largest rainforest in the world and the second largest river, both named the Amazon.

Only 422 million people inhabit South America. Many descend from the Inca peoples whose

civilisations amassed great wealth, discovery and created huge cities 1000s of years ago. A great
example of this is Machu Picchu in Peru, built of stone and standing an incredible 2,430 metres
above sea level!

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends


14 independent countries make up Oceania which includes the sub-continent of Australasia, made

up of Australia and New Zealand. There are also 600 small islands as part of Oceania including Fiji
which is famous for its amazing surfing beaches.

This continent is well known for its unique wildlife, including the Koala, Kangaroo, Kiwi bird and

the Platypus. All these animals are only found in Oceania! Also did you know New Zealand is actually
7% of another continent, Zealandia...but the other 93% is submerged in the ocean!

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends

Wow that was certainly an incredible journey learning about all 7 continents of the world. There

were some amazing facts in there too! Who would have thought that Europe had the largest and
smallest country in the world and that no one actually lives in Antarctica! I guess it is rather chilly
though, you might need to take an extra pair of gloves!

© The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends

Not sure it’s really helped in our decision of where to go next has it Beans? There is just so much

to see, we are spoilt for choice! If you have any suggestions then let us know in the comments below,
we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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different people, animals and environments that are apart of them. 

See you soon explorers!

Archie & Beans

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