Autumn Walks Rain or Shine! - Dry Kids waterproof clothing review

The kiddies love exploring the great outdoors and discovering all the nature around them, whatever the weather. This Autumn we've been out and about identifying autumn leaves, collecting conkers and feeding the squirrels. Even if it's raining they like to get out and investigate! They wrap up nice and warm in colourful togs from Dry Kids before toddling out of the front door.

'It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring and the kids need some fresh air and a run around outside. “Dry Kids” was born because our own kids loved to be outside playing, climbing and getting wet whatever the weather and location.' Dry Kids

Dry Kids have a vibrant range of colourful waterproof outfits at great prices, perfect for the colder, wetter days ahead. DD4 wore her Dry Kids All in One outfit, in her favourite colour pink, and her Dry Kids hand crocheted bobble hat, which makes her feel like a ' bright, pink flamingo' she says!  The All in One boasts many features such as: 

Waterproof fabric tested to 3000mm of hydrostatic head
100% polyester, Zip fastening
Integral hood with mesh lining
 Reflective piping for improved visibility at night 
Elastic cuffs at wrist and ankle

She was toasty warm as soon as she slipped on her All in One over her clothes and pulled on her soft raspberry/white Dry Kids hat. She spent the morning crunching through the crispy leaves, trying to find the longest stick possible to carry home!  For me, allowing my kiddies to experience different weather conditions such as listening to the wind and feeling the rain in their faces, is all part of their sensory learning experiences. They enjoy running around, splashing in puddles and discovering how they can make mud pies as the soil turns muddy, all of which are great for their physical and emotional development. Dry Kids clothing provides DD4 and DS7 with these much needed opportunties by allowing them to move around freely whilst being kept safe and dry. 

DS7 wore a Dry Kids green Jacket & Trouser set and a green/royal Dry Kids hand crocheted hat. These sets are available in different colours and DS7 was excited to discover that the jacket folds into the front pocket to form a little pouch to carry along. The trousers have poppas, fantastic for his little legs as I could simply adjust them according to his footwear. The Dry Kids Jacket & Trouser set has some other great features such as: 

Elastic waistband to the trousers for comfy snug fit
Poppas at ankle so can be worn inside or outside of wellies
Jacket folds into front zip pocket
Fold away hood in the collar
Elasticated cuffs
Reflective tape detail
Vented back panel to the jacket with a mesh lining

DS7 loves to get outside in the rain and occasionally carries out his Science lessons outdoors too, such as making a rain gauge and learning about the properties of water, so he needs to stay safe and dry as he potters about navigating his way on the slippery, muddy woodland paths or in the back garden measuring rainfall!

When the kiddies return home, they have started to take more responsibility of their clothing by understanding that because they are soaked through, they need to hang them up to dry. Both outfits have kept them super dry even after their action packed outdoor adventures. 

DS7 says, 'I was totally dry when I came in from the rain! Just my hands were wet because I forgot to wear my gloves!'

Overall, we love Dry Kids clothing and they give me the peace of mind that my kiddies are free to explore the great outdoors whilst keeping safe and dry throughout the Winter season. The waterproofs offer plenty of room for them to race about and the material is strong enough to withstand all those twigs, sticks and leaves they have been ploughing through along their little walks. Check out our short clip here! The beanie hats kept them warm and are a lovely little addition to complete their Winter outfits.

If you would like to purchase high quality, durable waterproof clothing for your children to be safe and dry throughout the winter season, then check out Dry Kids here

Happy Exploring! :)

Disclaimer: These clothing items were sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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