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Explore the World with this FREE Educational website!

Hi Archibold Clutterbuck here on my Worldly Adventure with my trusty companion Beans! Isn’t the world such an amazing place. Beans and I have just been taking a look at our big World Map trying to decide which continent to visit next. Do you have any ideas? Perhaps we should take a look together and learn about each one.

So what is a continent? Did you know there are 7 in the world. They are Africa, Antarctica, Asia,
Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. A continent is a group of countries collected together under one name. Usually this is decided by how close the countries are to one another and how much of a  shared culture they have. You can see all the 7 continents in the colourful map below.

Let’s take a look at each of the 7 continents, starting with Africa.


This continent is home to over 1.2 billion people and is surrounded on all sides by water,
apart from small stretches between Europe (Strait of Gibraltar) and Asia (Suez Canal). ​ Africa is well known for its sa…

The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends!

'Helping children discover the world, its people, countries and environments through fun facts, activities, illustrations and more!'

I am delighted to share with you this brand new website 'The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends' which launches today!
'The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends is a free education platform for children to learn about the world around them. Free from political and social bias the Worldly Adventures platform allows children to get an unbiased look into this amazing world we call home. Archibold Clutterbuck & friends take you on a personal journey through all the 7 continents, exploring amazing countries, meeting incredible people, and having incredible Worldly Adventures.'

We have our travelling souvenirs to hand this morning and the boys are already getting stuck in!  I have never seen them so motivated on a Monday morning!  They started by opening their fun, colourful Continents Explo…

Autumn Walks Rain or Shine! - Dry Kids waterproof clothing review

The kiddies love exploring the great outdoors and discovering all the nature around them, whatever the weather. This Autumn we've been out and about identifying autumn leaves, collecting conkers and feeding the squirrels. Even if it's raining they like to get out and investigate! They wrap up nice and warm in colourful togs from Dry Kids before toddling out of the front door.

'It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring and the kids need some fresh air and a run around outside. “Dry Kids” was born because our own kids loved to be outside playing, climbing and getting wet whatever the weather and location.' Dry Kids
Dry Kids have a vibrant range of colourful waterproof outfits at great prices, perfect for the colder, wetter days ahead. DD4 wore her Dry Kids All in One outfit, in her favourite colour pink, and her Dry Kids hand crocheted bobble hat, which makes her feel like a ' bright, pink flamingo' she says!  The All in One boasts many features such as: 

FReNeTiC! - The frenzied word game of the elements - Review

We love spending time as a family and have a weekly 'Family night' where we grab a take out and spend time chatting and playing games. I try to find high-quality, educational games so that the kiddies are learning and having lots of fun!

A few of you may know that DD15 started college in September and is studying Sciences including Chemistry which she thoroughly enjoys. So this week we have been trying out FReNeTiC to help her gain a better understanding of the periodic table, as well as helping the boys with their mental maths skills and, mostly importantly, spend time relaxing as a family!

'FReNeTiC is the word-game frenzy that pits players against the clock - and the elements! Racing to make words from symbols of the Periodic Table, you score by adding together the atomic numbers of the elements you use. Suitable for ages 8+, couples, multiple players or teams. FReNeTiC combines fast, challenging and simultaneous gameplay with luck, skill and strategy.'  FReNeTiC Gam…

Willow & Wild Box - Moong Beans and Rocket - Review

We received a lovely Autumn themed box this month from Willow & Wildbox!
DD4 is always excited to see what the box contains and this month there's also a little gift again for the adults!! 

 DD4 & DS9 have been busy little bees:
Making a pumpkin lantern A spooky spider lollipop Trying out some fun, new recipes Reading all about bats and spiders Sprouting a pack of Moong Beans Making Handmade Plantable Paper and completing the activities in the booklet!
The first thing that caught her eye was of course the lollipop! So she chose that activity first. She quickly moved onto making a lantern and played the fun activity games, where she got the opportunity to get out her favourite little yellow scissors to cut pieces out for some Autumn fun. She used her motor skills to chop up a banana, adding raisins for the eyes and mouth as instructed in the activity booklet.

DS9 helped to sprout the Moong Beans which they have never tried before. They prepared the beans by adding them to …

Watch This! - Book Review & Giveaway

It's October! Time to think creatively and take out the art supplies as we join in with The Big Draw! DD4 has been learning all about shapes and she's not only been drawing them, but she has been trying to make them using her body! She has been inspired by this new book, Watch This! from Scribble Kids Books.
'Watch This! is a groundbreaking modern photographic picture book about children using their bodies to make sense of shapes in a playful way, from three highly-acclaimed Australian creators.'

DD4 has been expressing herself through movement and shapes, making stars, triangles, semi-circles and many other shapes she could think up by bending, stretching and swirling around. This delightful new book is a playful celebration of movement, energy, patterns, colour and shape.  DD4 completes her little morning workout each day after looking through this vibrant book, full of colourful photographs of smiling children. She has attempted many of the shapes by herself and wit…

Building Confidence in KS2 Maths

Are you looking for weekly one-to-one online lessons for your child that are a fun, build confidence and experience for your child and that are aligned to the national curriculum?

MATR offer flexibility and great value to fit with your busy life and the assurance of world-class tutors in a safe environment.

They are the biggest maths tutoring community in the UK and every week they provide specialist one-to-one tutoring to thousands of children aged 7 to 11.

Here's how it works:

'A world class maths tutor is only a few clicks away!
Tell us a little about your child, select your time slot and when you want to start, and our intelligent platform will match your child with the right primary maths tutor for their needs.

Rolling monthly subscriptions will save you money!
Our monthly subscriptions give you the freedom to choose lesson times that work for both your child and you, and provide you with high-quality, affordable maths tuition at your fingertips.

We create a programme of maths …

Letterbox Lab - Slime and Swirls - Review

DS12 has been busy experimenting this week with his third Award Winning Letterbox Lab - which is a fun pack of exciting experiments that are delivered through the door each month, and this month it's all about Slime! Check out our last review here!

As always, the box is crammed with everything you need, so no need to pop out to the shops! There was even a cute bottle of touchable bubbles which DS12 thought were lots of fun!
He started off making some slippery slime, whilst learning all about polymers and non-newtonian fluids. He tried stretching, breaking and making shapes from it, following instructions by the colouful characters, Meg and Pico, in the simple instruction guide. The guide sets out the equipment needed, which can easily be found in labelled science-themed packets within the explore box, how to carry out the experiment safely and with extra information to discover more about the experiments. There are also extension activities which provide ideas to develop the less…

Zimpli Kids Playtime Range - Review

All things slimy and gooey seem to be very popular at the moment, with kids and adults alike! So we have been trying out the Playtime Range at Zimpli Kids in order to take slimy sensory play to a whole new level!
The Playtime Range consists of Gelli Play and Slime Play for use indoors or out, in large tubs or bowls. We have also tried out the Baff Time fun as well as SnoBall Play!

'Our Playtime range truly does bring new experiences to Playtime with Gelli Play, Slime Play and Gelli Snow. By exploring new processes and textures, children can enjoy Playtime whilst learning at the same time. These products are 100% safe on skin, made in the UK, non toxic and environmentally friendly. There’s also no need to worry about staining skin, carpets, clothes or bath tubs, as all our products are stain free! The products in this range are also available in a range of different colours.' Zimpli Kids
Check out the Zimpli Kids You Tube channel here

The GelliPlay box made a truckload of jell…

Free Duck Guide!


Healthy snacks on the go!

I love my chocolate, but I'm also concsious about staying healthy and always try to instil healthy eating habits in the kiddies too!

With it being the start of National Chocolate Week, I am trying to stick to our healthy eating plans, especially when it comes to snacking! 
As a busy mum of five who also blogs and has a part-time job, it's sometimes just too easy to give in and grab quick snacks here and there. As I am preparing to head out of the door for work, I also have to prepare breakfast for the kiddies as well as set up their activities for the day before I head out. This week I have been trying out the latest organic raw chocolate goodies from Choc Chick which are launching today and which make the health benefits of cacao more accessible than ever before. They are ideal  to keep stacked up in my locker at work, in the car and in my handbag! They are suitable for Vegans, as well as being dairy and gluten free!

'CHOC CHICK Quinoa Pops - Deliciously crispy raw chocola…