Why I love teaching the Galore Park books in our Home Ed Classroom - Review

'Galore Park specialises in preparation for 11+, pre-test and 13+ Common Entrance exams and leads the market in textbooks for pupils studying at independent schools. Since 1999, thousands of schools, parents and tutors have relied on our rigorous, challenging and engaging resources to help children achieve their full potential and to reach the senior schools of their choice.'

I have been using the Galore Park curriculum for a few years now, after looking into the different curricula on the market and the various workbooks on offer. The Galore Park books were exactly what I was looking for, as the chunky textbooks are very thorough with plenty of examples and questions to work through. I feel confident knowing the fact that whilst the kiddies are using the Galore Park curriculum, they are covering all key areas of learning, in each of their core subjects. 

DS12 has been using this new Galore Park English book which features lots of rigorous exercises and includes poems and extracts, and has been broken down into simple bite-sized chunks in order to work through with ease. He works through the exercises in order to develop his English skills and to learn how to use Language accurately. There are Comprehensions, Grammar & Punctuation and Speaking & Listening exercises which progress onto further writing exercises such as writing your own story or persuasive article which all tie in nicely with the chapter's theme. There are also further reading suggestions which DS12 easily reserved and borrowed from our local library. The 'Progress Further' section provided DS12 with ideas to research by himself as well as some creative activities to engage him further. 

This Galore Park English book is ideal for keen, eager learners to get to grips with all areas of the English Language. It is aimed at children working towards KS3, Common Entrance and other independent school entrance exams at 13+ as it covers the requirements of the ISEB syllabus and its main focus is centred around reading. Even though we aren't working towards these tests I feel it's the best route for my children to follow so that they have the best Education in order to excel them in their learning. It encouraged DS12 to read the text carefully in order to answer the set questions which quickly improved his comprehension skills. There are ten lengthy chapters on various key topics of interest such as Bullying, Survival and Drought. Each one starts with two comprehensions which lead on to further writing exercises. DS12 has learnt many new words to add to his vocabulary and it encouraged him to use them in his own sentences and writing. He particularly enjoyed Factual Writing and Poetry, where he learnt various poetry techniques too. 

Both DS12 and DS9 have been using the Galore Park Mathematics book for the bulk of their Maths lessons. It contains 22 chapters that include concise, in-depth explanations and worked examples of new concepts, tests understanding with varied and progressive exercises and challenges higher ability pupils with extension questions.
I love the Galore Park Maths book as not only does it explain each topic in depth, along with its History, but there are plenty of exercises for the boys to then work through. They are set out in concise chunks which make it easier to set their work as they know how much they will be covering in each lesson.

DS9 says, 'Maths is my favourite subject and this book is the best Maths book I have used. I find it interesting and easy, especially the chapter I am on at the moment, Time and Travel.'

Galore Park Mathematics has made Maths seem easy and enjoyable. With each new concept explained thoroughly at the start of each chapter, I am able to teach each topic with confidence, and without the need to research and look up how to explain each calculation.

This stimulating Physics Science book is packed with explanations and challenges for students to get their teeth into, with topics such as Forces, Energy and Density. It is very detailed and includes photographs, illustrations and graphs. As well as plenty of exercises to work through, it also gives further extension activities and provides ideas for experiments. 
DS12 has been studying this Physics book for the past few weeks and his Science knowledge has certainly increased in topics such as Energy. He is currently learning all about Renewable and Non-Renewable energy resources and has decided we should now get solar panels for the roof!
At first glance, the book looks very comprehensive but as he slowly works through and studies the detailed diagrams he is becoming more independent in his ability to self-study whilst building his scientific knowledge. I especially like the fact that the book starts off by explaining what Physics is all about, how variables are measured and how to record results. By learning these key points first, DS12 is now able to carry out experiments much more effectively.

DS12 says, 'I enjoy learning Science using this book, it's full of interesting information as well as fun investigations.'

If you are looking for a thorough curriculum to work through with your children then check out Galore Park here or their latest catalogues here.

Disclaimer: I was sent these books for review purposes and all opinions are my own. However, I have been using Galore Park for many years and highly recommend them.


  1. hi, i've just come across this article. I have been using galore park too. I had a question about the maths though. How much do you do per day? I've found that each chapter takes so long that there's no way we'd finish the book in a year. I'm not sure if my boys are slow or if it's just the wrong book for us!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your comment. We love the Galore Park books. There are plenty of practice exercises. We do Maths Mon - Thurs and a little on a Saturday morning. The boys go at different paces depending on the topic. Some topics we can cover faster than other such as Number, others such as Fractions we may take longer. If they feel confident about a topic and start to get bored then we move on and don't always complete it. Don't feel like you have to rush through it, just go at their own pace. Hope this helps!


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