Rip & Stick Insects and Flowers - Review & Giveaway

DD4 has been showing off her artistic flare this week as she rips coloured paper to shreds!! She has been using the exciting activity book, Rip & Stick - Insects and Flowers from B Small Publishing.

This book not only offers the creative freedom to tear up the 30 sheets of coloured paper that it contains, but also offers some calm sticking time as she focuses on the simple step-by-step instructions. It also contains 8 blank frames which she can stick her design onto and then pull out to display them on the fridge!

DD4 chose to make the sunflower after spotting some in the park the other week. There are other lovely designs to choose from such as a ladybird, fir tree and a bee.

She carefully ripped the paper into various shapes, trying to copy the design as accurately as possible, then glued them onto her blank frame.  All your need is a gluestick handy! :)

As well as offering a creative activity to develop motor skills, the book also contains plenty of facts to read and learn. As DD4 was ripping and sticking, DS12 read the sunflower information to her.  She learnt where they come from, how tall they can grow and the fact that the turn during the daytime to face the sun.

Here are a few more sneak peek pages for you!!


I have also been sent a Giveaway copy of this book for one lucky Instagram follower!!
If you would like to enter then please head over to my Instagram post here for the rules and how to enter!

Rip & Stick - Insects and Flowers is published here by B Small Publishing.

Disclaimer: These books were sent to us in order to review and promote via our Instagram, blog and through a giveaway.


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