Never Too Young - 50 unstoppable kids who made a difference - Book Review

'It's never too early - and you're never too young - to make a difference in the world.'

I have always told my children that they don't necessarily have to wait until they are older to achieve their dreams. They can invent, make, design, compete and speak out whenever they feel they want to.
This book, Never Too Young, has come at just the right time. It contains 50 true stories of inspirational children from across the globe and it has been encouraging and inspiring my kiddies to stand up and achieve whatever they put their minds to. They have been reading all about the fascinating lives of these children including a seven year old surgeon, an eagle huntress and an Olympic Gold Medalist all of whom are around the same age.

With its colourful full page illustrations each of my kiddies have been choosing the true stories that interest them. There are some stories that they are already familiar with, such as the story of Helen Keller, who became sick with fever at the age of 18 months old. She was left deaf and blind. Helen went on to master a new way of communicating and went on to college and authored books.

DD14 says, 'I enjoyed reading the story of Helen Keller best. She was an amazing lady.'

Rene Silva became an overnight celebrity using his reporting skills he had developed from writing a newspaper, that his teacher had asked him to write, when he was just 11 years old. He created a newspaper called, Voz da Comunidade, meaning 'The Voice of the Community'. Silva then used these skills whilst reporting from his poor neighbourhood in Brazil, when his community were caught up in a police standoff with drug dealers. 

After reading through these inspiring stories, the book then encourages children to brainstorm ideas with the people around them, remembering that all the young children in this book were successful because of the help and support they had from their family and friends. This was a nice reminder to my kiddies that working together, as a team, has so many`benefits. If they stick together, as siblings, and help each other in life, they will go far. They are now unafraid to pursue their interests and ideas whether it be in Science, Art, Charity, Literature, Sports or something totally different!

Have you or your children read 'Never Too Young' written by Aileen Weintraub and illustrated by Laura Horton? It can be purchased here.

Happy reading! :)

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. 


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