My Cutest Kitten with augmented reality app - Review

We don't have any pets which is probably just as well as it's hard enough looking after five children of different ages, two of which are growing out of their childhood asthma. I remember having many different pets growing up from mice and finches to rabbits, cats and hamsters. We always promised our parents we would look after each and every one, but at the weekend it was always my Dad cleaning out the rabbit hutch regretting their decision to give in and let us have one!

If there's one pet which they would all love, it's a cat! They make do by leaving food and milk out for all the cats on our street who happily congregate in our front garden in the evening, and have even left us a mouse or two to show their appreciation!  

DD4 has been trying out this amazing new book 'My Cutest Kitten' published by Carlton Books. It comes with a free app you can download onto your device, available on Google Play and App Store, where you can choose the fur, eye colour and name of your very own augmented reality pet. It's simple to set up and use as you turn the pages of the book and interact with your new pet in different ways. DD4 has been enjoying stroking, feeding and playing with her new pet! 

Each page is bright and cheerful with lots of cute kitten photographs to look at. There is also plenty to read and learn throughout the book with information on how these fluffy furballs like to play, feed and sleep. DD4 spent time looking though the book and listening to her older siblings read out all the facts before testing the app. She spends lots of time interacting with her new pet and her favourite part is when it catches the mouse!

She turns the pages and hovers her Tablet over it to begin playing with 'Kit' her new kitten which has brown fur and blue eyes. She stokes its tummy and enjoys listening to it purring away. If she thinks it has been good, then she gives it a fish biscuit which it happily chomps away on. ;)

As soon as the boys heard it they all gathered round and waited for a go too!

If you're looking for a fun, interactive non-fiction book to teach children about looking after pets, then you've got to try out this book! There is also 'My Perfect Puppy' available for all dog lovers out there too!

If you would like to see some sneak peek videos then head over to our Instagram page here

'My Cutest Kitten with Augmented Reality' is available to preorder here at Carlton Books

Disclaimer: I was sent this book in order to review and all opinions are my own.


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