10 things to do with conkers this Autumn!

It's that time of the year again when the boys want to head to the park! Not to feed the greedy geese or play on the swings, but to collect pockets and pockets of conkers!

So then what do we do with them all?

I thought I would make a post of 10 things to do with conkers to give you all a few ideas other than the usual traditional game of 'conkers'. 

So here goes...

1) Conker Art! 

Place a piece of paper on a tray and add dots of paint. We used red and yellow knowing it would make a lovely Autumn orange colour. Add two or three conkers to the tray and start moving the tray around so they roll in the paint creating a lovely work of art! You could teach mixing primary colours this way to the younger ones too! 

2) Make your own clay snails and pop a conker on its back as its shell!

3) Conker rolling! Have a conker rolling competition or even make it into a fun Maths lesson and measure the distance of your roll!

4) Help with counting practice. Make strings with numbered tags, the younger ones can then thread the correct number of conkers onto that string.

5) Make conker necklaces! Threading conkers are great for those fine motor skills!!!

6) Paint small, simple pictures onto them such as a star, then use them as story stones to spark the kiddies' creative writing skills and get writing their Autumn stories or acrostic poems!

7) Use them for a weighing activity! Scoop them up and add them to the kiddies' weighing scales to make both sides balance. If you don't have a set of scales then make your own with a coat hanger and a yogurt pot tied to each side. This works quite well!!!

8) Make a nature table with other seeds and leaves, leave out nature books, identification cards and a magnifying glass too! We have the following tree id book and cards which show their seeds too!

9) Nature art! Collect leaves too and make a giant display on the ground. The kiddies could place all their conkers in a giant spiral other pattern.

10) Last idea is of course the good old conker fight by threading a conker on a string and battling it out with your opponent trying to break theirs in the process and finally winning their conkers! 

'Conkers is a traditional children's game in Britain and Ireland played using the seeds of horse chestnut trees—the name 'conker' is also applied to the seed and to the tree itself. The game is played by two players, each with a conker threaded onto a piece of string: they take turns striking each other's conker until one breaks.'

Now have fun colouring this conker sheet here!  ;)

Have you conquered the conkers yet? :)


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