Seedboms by Kabloom - Review

We have been busy this Bank Holiday Weekend throwing and growing with our Seedboms from Kabloom! They are little wildflower filled biodegradable pots which the kiddies have been having lots of fun with. There are many different designs from Pollinator Beeboms to a children's story book inspired seedbom 'Theres a Tiger in the Garden'. 

So what actually are seedboms?

'Seedboms are the friendly bombs that grow. Guerrilla Gardening grenades filled with flower power potential. Join forces with nature to transform unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour!
Filled with an explosive mix of organic peat-free compost and wildflower or herb seeds...
Easy to use. You don’t need to be a gardener and there‘s no need to plant them. Seedboms split open upon impact with the ground and grow where they land.
Help sustain bee, butterfly and other important insect populations by growing nectar rich wildflowers.'

These little pots of happiness are so delightful that I really didn't want to use them, but the kiddies had other ideas. They couldn't wait to start throwing and growing. After a quick shake and soaking in water for 2 minutes the seedbom was ready. DS12 chose to throw his into a pot near the rest of our wildflower display. He can't wait to see what they look like next spring! 

DD4 chose to throw her seedbom near our garden gate for visitors to see as they walk past. I love the fact that this one ties in nicely with the story, 'There's a Tiger in the Garden.' After throwing her seedbom she got out all her tiger books to read whilst observing her seedbom from the window. 

DS9 was a little more adventurous and chose to throw his out of his bedroom window and into the front garden. He tried to avoid landing it in the gutter or throwing it too far that it would land in the road! 

DS6 took his little seedbom out into the front garden throwing it around a good few times before deciding to finally leave it buried under the hedge. 

Do your children enjoy planting wildflowers? Where would you throw and grow? 

We think these seedboms are lots of fun whilst learning about the importance of conservation and looking after the environment.

You can find out more about these little seedboms and purchase them from Kabloom here. There is a sale on at the moment so it's worth having a peek!

Happy throwing and growing! :)

Disclaimer: We were sent these seedboms in order to review and promote and all opinions are my own.


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