Science straight through the letterbox - Letterbox Lab Review

We received everything we needed for fun, practical Science activities this morning straight through our letterbox! Letterbox Lab landed in our hallway with a thud and the boys all raced for the door, ready for their Science adventure!

In box 1 the boys will earn their 'Eagle Explorer' level 1 sticker after following instructions from 'Meg and Pico' the 'lab assistants' in the instruction booklet as they complete the three experiments inside!

I have found over the years that the kiddies enjoy reading lots of different books relating to Science and watching online videos, but they learn best when they are actually carrying out an interactive experiment themselves and writing up what they did, the results they observed and collected and finally a conclusion.

Today they got stuck into their Letterbox Lab and here's a list of what our first box contained for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting:

Felt tip pens x 3
Chromatography paper
Petri dish
Reagent bottle x 2
Spinning top
Sodium chloride (table salt)
Spinner templates
Glasses frames
Diffraction grating
Glue dots x 8
Candy coated chocolate beans

Experiment 1: Invisible Inks

The boys opened the Science pack, which comes in a fun Science design, and read through the instructions carefully, before carrying out their first experiment. Everything in Letterbox Lab is bright and child-friendly from the simple format in the instruction booklet to the fun spinner designs!

Their initial reaction was, 'Wow, we didn't know that black was made up of different colours.'

They enjoyed separating the colours using Chromatography paper and learning all about how inks are made up of different colours whilst developing their abilities to conduct a scientific investigation. They were surprised to see how they could easily remove all the dye in the candy coated sweets too!!

One of the great things about Letterbox Lab is that everything you need, except water of course, is in the box! I didn't need anything extra from my kitchen and certainly didn't need to go out and buy anything else! Phew!

The booklet has space for the kiddies to add their results as well as a page at the end of each experiment detailing what they had discovered and how they investigated to further develop their understanding.

The instruction booklet, as you can see, is bright and full of colourful illustrations along with simple step-by-step instructions making it easy for the kiddies to follow. The lab assistants, two cute characters Meg and Pico, bring the instruction booklet to life as the boys read through it. It also tells us parents the level of 'messiness' so we can decide whether or not to carry out the experiment inside the box.

Experiment 2: Rainbow glasses

They had fun designing their glasses and fitting the Diffraction grating. DS6 didn't know quite what to expect when he tried them on! 

They were amazed to discover all the colours of the rainbow that the light broke up into! 

DS6 says, 'I love wearing the glasses, the colours in the light are amazing!'

Experiment 3: Rainbow spinners

This was DS12's favourite as he got to make his own spinners and test them out to see which colours he could see. Check out our short clip here.

These experiments have tied in nicely with our Science topic on 'Colour'. It's given them the opportunity to deepen their conceptual understandings of the world around them and increased their comprehension of how Science is practiced. 

There's a 'sneak peek' into next month's box, at the back of the booklet which is great as I can then plan which topic to study next in preparation for the experiments. Along their Science journey they will also collect lots of Science apparatus that they can use again and again! 

They've done it!! Woo hoo! They've earned their first sticker!

Overall, we think Letterbox Lab is a great resource to have each month providing fantastic experiments for all budding scientists to carry out over a number of days or even a week and the best thing is that they have great discounts for Home Ed families! 

All Home ed families who sign up will receive 25% off their first box and 10% off further boxes! 

Try out Letterbox Lab today by checking out their website here.

Where will their adventure take them next?

Happy experimenting! :)

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in order to review and all opinions are my own.