Minecraft STEM Challenge Books & Master Builder Time Machine - Review

The boys have been using Minecraft as part of their Education for a long while now, it is arguably the world's greatest and most influential online game. They create their own little worlds with amazing structures in Minecraft by using their creative thinking and designing skills. These Minecraft STEM Challenge books have come at just the right time as they discover the STEM subjects whilst learning through what they think of is 'play'. The prefect way to combine play with Education!

These books have taught them how to add a city and a theme park to their little online worlds. As they build they have learnt key STEM principles and they get to read fascinating STEM facts whilst following the fun, vibrant illustrated instructions inside each book. They have been taking inspiration from the colour images from Minecraft throughout each book and all the top tips it provides throughout. Any written instructions are presented in a clear, simple step-by-step fashion.

The boys started by reading the intro before moving onto building a bouncy castle, water slide and ferris wheel using 'Build a Themepark'. It also contains a glossary to help them with the definitions of any tricky words.  In the 'Build a City' book they built their own skyscraper, stadium, underground railway and many other city features.

They found the books fun, engaging and very easy to follow whilst learning through play. They calculated area when building rides and got an understanding of the different materials available and their properties. When building the roller coaster they learnt all about how gravity and friction can affect speed. They also learnt about lighting and symmetry in architecture

We have also been trying out the Minecraft Master Builder: Time Machine

'Minecraft Master Builder Time Travel lets you journey through history and create your own amazing Minecraft masterpieces inspired by magnificent buildings and inventions from ancient times and through to the future with this incredible step-by-step guide!

From a medieval throne and imperial palace to a hot-air balloon and a futuristic space station, this fun and interactive guide will inspire readers to use their imagination to build the impossible. It's full of fascinating Minecraft facts, figures and trivia, plus hints and tips on how to master the game as well as inspirational profiles of the game's most amazing construction masterpieces.'

This book tied in nicely with some History themes we have currently been looking at. The boys researched famous buildings and landmarks, then had a go at building their own, adding them in their imaginery worlds. We had been learning about Ancient Egypt in History and Geography and now during their computing lesson they were able to build their own pyramid in some fun, simple steps. The book, like the STEM books, is simple to follow, provides a 'difficulty rating' for parents, and an approximate time duration which the build could take. 

The boys recommend these Minecraft books to children aged 7+ who love to build and learn through play. With their bright, attractive appearance they are sure to grab the attention of all little builders and gamers.

These books will be available to purchase in just over a week's time and can be preordered here at Carlton Books.

Minecraft STEM Challenge Build a Theme Park £8.99 ISBN: 9781783124053

Minecraft STEM Challenge Build a City £8.99 ISBN: 9781783124046

Minecraft Master Builder: Time Machine £8.99 ISBN: 9781783124190

Happy Building! :)

Disclaimer: These books were sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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