Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

It's a rainy day here so we got out our Little Brian Paint Sticks and spread them out on the kitchen table, along with cereal boxes, in order to give the kiddies some free learning time.

Recognise the name? Yes, Little Brian have been around for many years, supplying paint into all schools and nurseries throughout the UK!

I thought it would just be the little ones who would come along and have a go, but DS12 and DS9 joined in too! Little Brian Paint Sticks kept them all quiet whilst I got on with the cooking and cleaning.

We have the Bumper Pack of 24 assorted colours set which includes 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 6 metallic colours and we also have 12 classic Mini Paint Sticks. Both packs come with a handy guide which illustrates different techniques that can be used such as stamping, making a scraper board and the wonderful washes that can be applied directly to surfaces.

'Who said painting is messy?'

Little Brian Paint Sticks are perfect for some mess-free playtime. No water or brushes are needed and they easily twist just like a glue stick. The best thing about them is the fact that the paint dries in 60 seconds! So I didn't have lots and lots of paintings left dripping around the kitchen, but their work of art was popped straight up on the fridge! The paint is a liquid paint which has been transformed into a solid form and is non-toxic! If I had to describe them I'd say they are a bit like lipstick, but I won't mention that in front of DD4 as I know what would happen! ;)

DS9 says, 'Little Brian Paint Sticks make Art lessons fun!'

There are different packs available from Fabric Paint Sticks to the Mini Paint Sticks (shown below) perfect for little hands or smaller mark making. 

DD4 says, 'I like using the black and pink paint sticks best and painting on the windows.'

I was unsure how long this solid, vibrant paint would actually last, but today, after keeping the kiddies amused for a couple of hours, it looked like the sticks had hardly been touched. We simply popped them back in the boxes ready for our next painting adventure.  

They can pretty much be used on any type of surface, even the windows! Oh yes, the windows! I'm not sure it was a good thing to allow DD4 to discover this, but she had so much fun watching the drizzle outside whilst painting away. Little Brian promise that it wipes off, and it did! Woohoo!

I enjoyed watching DD4 make her mark on her cereal box. Little Brian Paint Sticks develop her physical and creative skills as she holds the stick and scribbles away. Mark making with her paint sticks allows her imagination to grow as she's painting, expressing her feelings over the card. What I see as 'scribbles' are actually lines and shapes of early writing which should not be dismissed. She has so much fun painting with these sticks that she doesn't realise she's learning every minute!

DS6 says, 'I like covering colours with the black paint stick and scraping pictures.'

Little Brian Paint Sticks can be used in many different ways, not just using them to paint, dot, stamp & scrape but also as a learning aid. DD4 uses them in her Early Maths lessons to 'dot' out her answers and learn all about number bonds to 10. 

After reading a favourite story or learning all about a certain creature we take out the Paint Sticks and leave them out on the table as an activity for DD4. We have recently been learning all about bees so she had a go at finger painting with her Mini Sticks. 

I also leave out various materials such as cardboard covered with foil to give DD4 the opportunity to discover painting on different textures. Why not try cling film, mirrors, car windows or the garden gate! :)

Overall, Little Brian Paint Sticks are fab for all little budding artists to unleash their creativity, also acting as stepping stone towards early writing for the younger ones. They are perfect to pack on picnics and for outdoor use, as well as sitting at the kitchen table on a rainy day! Since we received our Little Brian Paint Sticks the kiddies always want to get them out whenever they feel a bit art and crafty! So I think they are definitely worth buying for everyone's Home Ed Art supplies if you're looking to add something quirky to your growing collection of arty things!

What would you do with these paint sticks? Which surfaces would you allow your kiddies to paint on? 

If you would like to purchase some Little Brian Paint Sticks then check them out here

Happy Painting! :)

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in order to review and all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.