First Wonder Box - Review

What's the best way to keep young children busy on a lazy Sunday morning?

Well? Take out their First Wonder Boxes of course!

The little ones have been busy little bees all day long with their First Wonder Boxes! Keep reading to take advantage of their discount offer for Home Educating families! ;)

'Did you know? Play is an essential part of a child's development. Through creative activities, imaginative play and simple games, children develop cognitive and social skills, while growing in confidence as they make sense of the world around them.'

These boxes are bursting with fun games, puzzles, crafts and toys to not only entertain young children but also introduce important topics about the world around them.

First Wonder Box is a brand new subscription box which supports the EYFS and KS1 with the help of education experts. They cover a variety of interesting topics from Active Bodies and Endangered Animals to the Solar System and Frozen Planet. They have a fantastic range of boxes which are sure to spark all little curious minds! Whilst children are learning along they are also developing their creativity, problem solving skills & hand-eye coordination. 

Today DD4 took a trip into the world of senses with the First Wonder Senses Box! She coloured in the eyes, hand, nose, ear and mouth and carefully cut them out. We then played the games following the instructions inside the box. She began by picking up one of the pieces and saying 'I smell a flower,' then DS6 had a go and said, 'I smell a flower and taste an apple.' The game went on like this for a while and they had a lot of fun trying to remember what each other had heard, seen etc. The box also suggests other ideas for different games using the cut-outs. DD4 had a go with her glow in the dark putty which she moulded into various shapes, telling us all how it felt in her hands and making different sized 'worms' which she measured. She then gripped the scented pencil and completed some of the fun puzzles in the senses activity book. All the activities fitted nicely within the theme of Senses from the games to the scented pencil. 

In this box you'll find:

Senses Activity Book
Cool glow-in-the-dark glasses
Smart putty to get creative
Scented pencil 
Glue dots and craft sticks
2 x collectable cards

The box is filled with hours of play and imaginative learning. It also has a lovely certificate which DD4 received after she had completed all the activities. It was amazing to see how much she now understands about the five senses as well as the fact that animals use senses too!

DD4 says, 'I enjoyed the colouring pages best and the glow-in-the-dark glasses which I am going to wear all night.'  Hmm...I'm not sure about wearing them to bed DD4!!

DS9 had a go at the First Wonder Castles Box! He spent his day fixing up the crafty castle in order to place it on the moat, finishing it off with the stickers provided. He then used his themed pencil to complete the engaging puzzles such as wordsearches and mazes. He was particularly intrigued by the grow-your-own knight which he popped into some warm water, he now just needs to be patient for the next 5-7 days whilst it grows up to 600%! I'm excited too! :)

In this box you'll receive:
Castles activity book
A build-your-own castle craft
Themed pencil
A grow-your-own knight
2 x collectable cards
A sheet of castle stickers
A craft stick to make your own jester mask
Your First Wonder Box Collector's Album

I thought this box would be slightly young for DS9 as it's aimed at children 4-8 years old, but he had a great time constructing the castle and designing his own shield! I thought there were still lots of age appropriate activities for him to do as well as writing his own story of a knight in his castle!

DS6 chose to play with the First Wonder Bugs Box. He is very much into all things creepy crawly! So this box was perfect for him!

DS6 opened up his box to take a look at all the goodies inside! He was so excited that he found it difficult to choose which activity to begin with! He loved the little toy ladybird which rolled across the table when he pulled it back! He decided to cut out the little bees and challenge his older brother, DS12, to a game of 'Race to the Hive'. After playing a few rounds and winning each time, he then decided to take his honey bee pencil and complete some puzzles before started his bee sewing craft. He hasn't attempted many sewing activities before so I was nicely surprised to see how keen he was at carefully sewing up the bee with this simple kit, which is great for beginners with its little plastic needle. After adding the stuffing and sewing it up he then attached the stripes and wings. He has proudly hung up his little bee in his bedroom.

DS6 says, 'I really liked sewing my bee, it was easier than it looked.'

In this box you'll receive:
Bugs Activity Book
A bee sewing craft kit
A pull-back ladybird racer
A honey bee pencil
A mini magnifying glass
2 x collectable cards
A sheet of bug stickers
A dice

Each box comes with an activity book which is packed with fun puzzles on high quality paper. They have lovely, colourful illustrations that instantly caught their eyes, as they opened their boxes. 

We think these boxes are an amazing educational resource for all Home Ed classrooms where children can learn through play. I love how each box itself turns into a game or activity for the kiddies to use, so there's less waste and each box covers a particular theme so that they can explore an exciting new theme each time. The boxes are very well thought out even down to the themed pencil! They encourage curiosity and imaginative play whilst parents have peace of mind that their children are covering key areas of the National Curriculum. The boxes look enticing for young children to dive into with their vibrant colours. My kiddies were eager to discover what each one contained and couldn't wait to get stuck into all the activities. I think these First Wonder Boxes are a fantastic subscription service which saves so much time planning and the hassle of gathering resources. They are popped through your letterbox and instantly provide the start of a bigger project on a particular theme.

Want to see some of our short video clips? Check them out on instagram here.

If your little ones would like to start receiving their First Wonder Boxes then please visit the website here. You can pay per box which allows you to pause or cancel whenever you wish. 
 Your first box is always half price at £3.99 and then future boxes are £7.99. However, if you're a Home Educating family then your future boxes will be just £6.99! Use the code FWBHE1 to take advantage of this great offer!

First Wonder Box - Website
Twitter - @firstwonderbox
Facebook - @firstwonderbox
Instagram - @firstwonderbox

Happy Exploring! :)

Disclaimer: These boxes were sent to us in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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