Autumn ideas for the little ones!

So who's ready for Autumn?

Here is a collection of photos of the things we got up to last year! If you'd like to see this year's Autumn activities then keep an eye on our Instagram account here

I made this board for DD4. We added coloured salt by grating chalk into table salt.  DD4 used the little twig 'pencils' to make marks and form letters. She was also at a stage where she was beginning to count, so we used the leaves for some simple adding and subtracting exercises. 

This is always a fun activity to revise their phonics each Autumn. We make an autumn tree and write words or sounds on the leaves. Last Autumn she was learning words with the 'an' sound. She read the word on each leaf before gluing it onto her tree if it contained the 'an' sound. 

DD4 enjoyed making this 'Autumn owl' using a paper plate we had in the craft box. I keep a large cardboard box in which I throw all the cardboard rolls, packaging, foil, paper plates, cereal boxes etc. basically anything that might come in handy when the kiddies feel like model making. We had this paper plate and looked up autumn themed paper plate crafts and came across this one! She had a lot of fun using Autumn coloured felt pens for the wings. 

We see lots of apple trees around at this time of year so we always take the opportunity to talk about fruits and different varieties. DD4 had fun cutting the apples up with this apply chopper and looking at the seeds inside. 

Before each season I always raid the online library catalogue for books about seasons. So I am now starting to borrow all the Autumn books including poetry books for our Autumn themed 'poetry teatime'. 

DD4 tried her hand at a bit of Pointillism using a bundle of cotton buds tied together! Of course we just had to use lots of Autumn coloured paint to make a lovely Autumn tree! 

We etched a leaf into some potatoes and used them as little Autumn paint stampers. It kept DD4 entertained for quite some time and her artwork was lovely to display on the fridge over the Autumn!

DD4 regularly puts her little apron on during the autumn to make lots of lovely things to eat, but she also makes salt dough to play with! We tried out some Gingerbread salt dough to make these autumn leaf decorations to hang outside on the hedge!

I got the boys thinking about Autumn too and they wrote these little Haiku poems on Autumn leaves to display on the wall. 

Here is some cute Autumn Art by the kiddies. They enjoyed cutting out different shapes for trees on coloured card, adding branches and other details with a brown felt tip pen. 

Every Autumn/Winter the kiddies enjoy making bird feeders to hang in the garden. Last year I left out this activity as a bird feeder sensory bin for DD4. She had fun scooping and measuring the bird seed before finally making some feeders!

There are lots of fun activity books out there and I usually look for some Autumn themed ones to leave out on the table for DD4. We love the little squirrels in this one where DD4 designed patterns on their tails. 

We made this easy peasy DIY lightbox to observe autumn leaves more closely! All you need is a clear plastic box with a mobile phone (with its torch turned on)  placed underneath it! Once it was dark, the kiddies all gathered around to see the magnificent display of leaf shadows on the walls as well as being able to see tiny details on each leaf. 

I made some coloured rice for DD4 to use for sensory play! She filled up the leaf shapes using her fine motor skills!

Well this is a simple one! Go for a walk and kick all the leaves! Every child loves to run and jump in piles of leaves each Autumn don't they?!

More Autumn artwork with paints and black card. The tree shadows look amazing against those Autumn colours. 

We always make Autumn leaf crowns with the younger ones! They search for leaves around the garden or park before stapling them onto their crowns!

Well last year we decided to make our own toffee apples. I am always a bit nervous and worry that some recipes just don't work out and you're left with very disappointed kiddies. But these worked amazingly well! Check out our recipe here

Autumn sensory soup!! This is very simple to set up and is great for imaginative play. It's water with a hint of food colouring and then DD4 added her own nature things which she found out in the garden. I provided wooden spoons, a whisk and sieves for her to use too!

Painting with conkers! We placed a piece of paper onto a baking tray, added splodges of paint and a couple of conkers we found. The boys had fun rolling them around by tilting the tray at different angles!

DD4 used Autumn coloured buttons to decorate her salt dough Autumn tree!

Here is DD4's Autumn sun catcher! She glued all her leaves onto some cellophane which was in the centre of a paper plate! 

DS9 made his own mini bug hotel for the Autumn by adding twigs and leaves to a plastic bottle. Then he waited to see which bugs moved into his 5 star accommodation. 

Finally here is DD4's nature sensory box. She collected her 'nature treasures' and popped them into a box. She used her senses to guess what each item was as she closed her eyes and put her hand into the box!


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