Willow & Wild Box - Sea Holly & Spinach - Review

'Discover a new way for your creative explorers to play & learn about Nature with Willow & Wild Box.'

It looks like we're back to typical British weather this week as it's been pouring down for the past couple of days, so when the kiddies' personalised Willow & Wild box came through the post I was so relieved. The younger ones had been enjoying playing out in the garden everyday with their sand & water activities and now they're back indoors. Willow & Wild box has come through our letter box just at the right time!

This month we will be sowing Sea Holly & Spinach, getting crafty with painted paper plate jellyfish (that's a tongue twister!), getting out and about collecting nature 'treasures' and keeping a nature journal. We will also be completing the '28 days of nature-inspired activities', ticking them off on the little chart along the way!

DD4 says, 'I liked painting the jellyfish lots of different colours.'

DD4 took out the paint palette and got to work on her jellyfish. She looked at the instructions, which has photos for younger children to easily grasp the idea of what they need to do, and then chose her favourite colours before starting to paint. Once dry, she carefully cut the plate in half, threaded the ribbon through the holes she had punched and hung up her jellyfish with pride!
The box also comes with two extra pictures to colour which DD4 painted, some fun fish stickers and eyes for the jellyfish which DD4 decided not to add!

The kiddies were very excited to sow Sea Holly as it's such a lovely, colourful flower. They decided to sow them outside, but they can easily be sown indoors on the windowsill for a few weeks. All the instructions come on the card along with some extra flowers to spot which grow by the sea. 

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DS6 says, 'I enjoyed sowing the Sea Holly seeds, I can't wait to see them start to grow.'

DS6 ventured out before the rain started this morning and gathered lots of nature things to put into his collecting bag. The box contains a small card with collecting ideas to take along on your walk.  I pointed out all the brightly coloured petals, different leaves and rough and smooth objects, but he was only interested in picking one thing - blackberries! Yes, they seem to be out in abundance already, and he spent ages just walking up and down the lane looking for all the ripe ones.

After his nature walk he was back at the table to draw his findings and write about his walk. He stuck his 'Nature Journal' sticker onto the front of his booklet and tied the string. Keeping a nature journal is a great activity which helps children develop their writing skills whilst getting up close to nature. He will be taking his journal out and about with us this summer, so he can sketch on the go and it will encourage him to make notes whilst using his five senses. 

We can't wait to sow our Spinach in the next few weeks. Each pack of seeds always comes with a wipe-clean card which clearly explains when to sow, how to sow and all about harvesting. It makes it simple so that even a novice gardener, like myself, can do it! and on the back of the card? There's a yummy recipe for Mini Spinach Frittata!

Here is the fun little chart inside this month's handy booklet. There are 28 nature activities to inspire the little ones to get outdoors or they can make their own wild adventures, ticking the days off along the way. The booklet always has a 'sneaky peek' into the next box on the back page, which I try not to look at as it's always nice to keep it a surprise!

Here is our growing collection of Willow & Wildbox cards. They have instructions on how to sow the seeds as well as some great recipes the kiddies can try out once they've harvested their vegetables later in the year!

DD4 & DS6 are thoroughly enjoying their nature boxes from Willow & Wildbox. It encourages and facilitates their learning, especially in early Science, taking their lessons outside into the garden. It provides them with life skills, growing their own food, which they will remember as they grow, improving their health and well being. It also improves their awareness and understanding of the natural environment in a fun, practical way. 

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If you would like to start receiving a personalised box from Willow & Wildbox then check them out here. If you're a Home Educating family then use the code: HOMESCHOOL to get 15% off!

Have fun on your learning journey inspired by nature! :)

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


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