Willow & Wild Box - Pumpkin & Cactus - Review

Here is our next Willow & Wild Box! This month's box is Pumpkin & Cactus! We got all crafty and set our lolly stick boat sail on a stream, became garden bird detectives and spotted some feathery friends as well as sowing more seeds into our little garden patch which is steadily growing.

There was also a little extra something in this month's box for the grown ups! A relaxing, fragrant candle, just the thing I needed after a busy day out in the heat sowing our seeds! What a lovely surprise!

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Here are the pics from this month's Willow & Wild Box nature fun!

Willow and Wild Box is a monthly subscription box for 3 - 8 year olds, packed full of gardening, craft, cooking and outdoor activities, delivered straight to your door. Every box is inspired by nature, with the aim of getting children exploring the outdoors and learning about how things grow, the changing seasons, healthy eating, and animal/plant life-cycles. 

Their boxes include at least 2 craft projects, vegetable and flower seeds with step by step planting & growing instructions, outdoor activity & inspiration guides, recipe card and much more! If you don’t have a garden, that’s no issue! All the seeds can also be grown in containers, on a windowsill. Subscriptions start from as little as £7.25 per month and make the perfect gift for children too!

Our box comes personalised for DD3 & DS6 and as soon as it comes through our letterbox they have their little spades and shovels ready for some gardening fun!

DD3 started by learning all about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. The activity book came with beautifully illustrated pages which instantly engaged her whilst I read how caterpillars transform butterflies through the different stages of their life. She then coloured in the butterfly jigsaw, trying to make the wings as symmetrical as she possibly could, breaking up the pieces and then attempting to put it all back together. The booklet also contains instructions for the craft activity, a garden bird spotting activity and colour in 'spot the difference'. 

DD3 says, 'I like sowing all the seeds in my box, I want to see the prickly cactus when it grows.'

DD3 & DS6 enjoyed sowing the seeds from our last Willow & Wild Box. They were surprised to find out what was in store for them in this nature box. They found the best place in the garden to sow their pumpkin seeds and can't wait to try out the roasted pumpkin recipe when we harvest them later in the year. 

We read the Cactus Facts card together and found the perfect pot to sow our seeds in, using the compost and sand, which is provided in the box. 

This month's box contains a craft activity where the kiddies can follow instructions to either make a fairy door or a boat. DD3 & DS6 chose to float a boat!

They followed the simple instructions which includes photos so they knew exactly how it should look at each stage. Glue, glue stick and felt tip pens are provided along with all the lolly sticks. The glue is very good quality as it dried within minutes and our little boat was solid, ready to set sail!

Once dry, we took it along on our picnic in the park. DS6 carefully placed it in the stream and watched it sail off, he quickly retrieved it and set it sail again. It kept him entertained the whole time we were there and he carried it all the way back home. :)

DS6 says, 'My favourite activity was making the boat from lolly sticks and when it floated down the stream.'

Have you subscribed to Willow & Wildbox? Check out their website here. This  monthly nature box is packed with activities for all budding nature enthusiasts! It contains everything you need to get straight out in the garden, packed with facts and info that your kiddies can learn along the way, craft and colouring fun as well as extension activities such as recipes to use when you've harvested later in the year!

Now we're trying to guess what out next box will contain!! 

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Disclaimer: we are ambassadors for Willow & Wild Box. We were sent this box in order  to review and all opinions are my own.